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m20: day x

Keep the Blockade up!

If you have free time at all, spend it at the blockade at NW 2nd and Burnside. We are going to keep this going as long as it takes. Also, alot of people (the more conservative people >:P ) are going to try to be there everyday after work (starting between 4-5 pm. TELL YOUR FRIENDS! EMAIL THEM! PAGE THEM! WHATEVER!
I will cya all there. We can do this!
Strategy: Why Stay In One Place? 20.Mar.2003 23:58

tipping point

It seems ill-advised to concentrate all effort on this one intersection. It seem obvious that the police have decided to retake 2nd and Burnside. Once the police decide something and throw all their resources at it, they are unstoppable.
Also, once traffic and business becomes used to a certain obstruction, it routes around it. So holding one point has a time of diminishing returns.

The strategy should be to admit this, and to stay highly mobile and fluid. Remember, the whole point is to disrupt normal activity of the city. Why stay in one place and wait to be arrested, at which point you won't be useful to this goal? Instead, a large number of medium-sized groups should be carrying on actions throughout the city, disrupting "business as usual" in as many places as possible, but then fading away when the police come, to regroup and act again later and elsewhere.

This happened to a limited extent today. Many things were tried, many successes, and many suprises for the police. But staying in one place and trying to defend it at all costs is folly.