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stop the oil wars now. boycott exxon-mobil. crush the oil barons.
A focused front against ExxonMobil will send a message that this oil war should be stopped now. Hit them where it hurts, at the cash register. ExxonMobil has the most to gain by this war and should have the most to lose now. You can bet that the daughters and sons of the Exxon executives are not going to die in this war but other less well off Americans will , for the benefit of the Oil Barons. While the police mercenaries control the action in the street, the Oil Barons are calculating the dollars they are going to make once this war is over. Punish the Oil Parasites now. Boycott ExxonMobil. Don't buy Exxon Gas. Don't use their services. Cancel your Exxon credit card.
Don't waste your time 21.Mar.2003 02:17

Ken kendawggy@hotmail.com

As true "activists" or "environmentalists", we should not waste our energy boycotting any single oil company. This will accomplish nothing. If somehow 30 million people were able to reached and actually did actively boycott a single oil company, prices would surely fall. However, low prices dont equal less oil being used. It merely means not as many billions of dollars in the oil execs. pockets. In order to effectively hinder the oil market, we must either invest in highly fuel efficient cars, such as hybrids and/or fuel cells, or stop driving altogether. Just my opinion, I could be wrong. ;o)