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Come Downtown and Support the Protestors!

Protestors have settled in at 2nd and W.Burnside in Portland! They have declared a Free State! These folks have been out since 4 this afternoon and have gone all out to send a clear message! Even the news can't ignore this day of action!

Many of us weren't able to make it in time or had other obligations, but there is another way of lending support- there's a lot of folks that want to stay the night
So if you support the great job that was done at expressing the outrage of this city for Bush's go-it-alone war against a defenseless economically crippled nation, please let's go down and bring blankets and food and water to these folks!

The more the merrier--bring a blanket and a drum or a flute for yourself too!
Coming down!!! 20.Mar.2003 21:53

Another Green Anarchist for Peace!

I'm coming down. Hell yeah!!!

And then what? 20.Mar.2003 22:29


What happens when the weed and ectasy wear off and noone has money left for pizza? When you run out of windows to smash? The flammable flag supply runs out?

Whats next? Maybe next time you can hold a Sadie Hawkins dance...