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Using violence to stop violence?

umm wasn't this supposed to be a peaceful protest?
Blocking freeways invokes violence. I wanted to run your asses over and I'm on your side. Had to pull off so I could get food. Luckily I had money to buy somthing or I would have been in trouble. I'm hypoglycmic and can pass out if blood sugar gets too whacked. I was part of a freeway blocking protest once where a diabetic did die because an ambulance was not able to get through.
Those blocking major highways are invoking violence. If you got hurt because you were standing in front of traffic you deserved it. duhhh if the heater is on don't put your hand on it. Yes this proves to me that the iq in the US is indeed very low. And large gatherings of people seem to drop the iq even lower.
bahaha bahhahaa stupid sheep.

How can you use violence to put a stop to violence?
Amen 20.Mar.2003 21:42

Aaron mitigated-disaster@db0.net

It's easier to follow along with a crowd than to think for yourself. That's what the radicals preach, right? Did people think for themselves as they shredded the credibility of the anti-war movement tonight?

We're fighting arrogance and domination by using arrogant and dominating tactics. Makes perfect sense to me! If you can't beat 'em, join 'em, I guess.

your point? 20.Mar.2003 21:45


Well first off any smart hypoglycemic always makes sure to carry food around. But I suppose that is beside the point.

The point of blocking a bridge, by sitting on the freeway (Which I did) is to make the point that your car, and your infatuation with it, is a major reason why we are dropping bombs.

If I tell you your fly is unzipped and you punch me, how is it that I am "invoking violence"

Missing points 20.Mar.2003 21:53

Aaron mitigated-disaster@db0.net

The point of blocking a bridge, by sitting on the freeway (Which I did) is to make the point that your car, and your infatuation with it, is a major reason why we are dropping bombs. Hmmm... That point is going to be lost on about 98% of those who were affected by your action. What's the point of the protest if those who you're protesting in front of have no idea what you're trying to say? They just interpret it as another radical with not enough to do.

thoughts 20.Mar.2003 23:29


Sitting in front of traffic is not violent. It does not harm anyone. If someone is hurt by a car that is not their fault. You seem to state as fact that blocking highways invokes violence. That's your opinion... but why should it. Many people who were blocked today got out of their cars and cheered and clapped. As Martin Luther King once said, protesting does not cause tension, it merely brings those tensions which already exist to the surface.

I watched a cop direct traffic into people walking in an intersection (some were protesters, some were just walking downtown). Whose fault is it if they get hit by a car? I'd say the car and the cop, not the person who gets hit. That's like saying I can shoot wherever I want with a gun and if anyone gets hit it's their fault for being in the way. If you want to talk effectiveness of tactics, then fine, let's do it. But your diatribe came off as simple minded. I understand that you were upset but you are ok, and alive, many others tonight are not. Shouldn't that be enough to keep us civil to one another.

As for whether people got the point, I personally don't think it matters. All that matters is that most people oppose this war, and if they are given another incentive (like those crazy radicals blocking traffic) then maybe they'll actually be more vocal to express their dissatisfaction with the decisions being made in this country. Besides, most people are aware of the argument, and blockading roads will not change anyones mind, but then, that's not the point.

Violence Begets Violence 20.Mar.2003 23:45

Susan F

I marched in the earlier stages of the protest today and then attended a prayer vigil.

Sadly, I've seen that the evening has turned nasty, with some choosing to respond to war and violence with anger and violence.

I'd like to share a quote from MLK in discussing why the Civil Rights movement was successful - I think we've got something to learn here:

?Hate begets hate; violence begets violence; toughness begets a greater toughness. We must meet the forces of hate with the power of love; we must meet physical force with soul force.
Our aim must never be to defeat or humiliate the white man, but to win his friendship and understand-ing."

SUSAN, we GET IT 21.Mar.2003 09:19


You can stop hitting the "post" button now.

I'd like to point out that the only people being violent last night were the police. Blocking traffic is NOT violent, writing graffiti is NOT violent, even breaking windows is NOT violent.

Violence is bombs dropping on your city.
And violence is cops shooting concussion grenades, rubber bullets, bean bags, and pepper spray at unarmed people sitting in the street.

Last night, when the riot cops began moving in, I asked one of them why they didn't just leave the people alone. "They'll get bored and go home," I said. "If you just leave em along." I pointed out that they were all unarmed, were only sitting there, and traffic was successfully re-routed around them by that time. Why, then, did they want to move in with heavy artillery? The cop--who actually answered me!--responded, "THat's not a very intelligent question." Um, whatever. Anyway, why? He said, "It's a street. It's for cars. It's private property."

I'm not kidding. He told me Burnside street is "private property." That's news to me. I thought it belonged to the people of Portland, who paid for it, many of whom were, at that moment, sitting in the middle of it.

20 minutes later, the police moved in and began beating, clubbing, gassing people. Great work, guys. Really. Great work. Good thing you guys had all that padded riot gear and those big guns and all. After all, it was a pretty motley gang of unarmed people with peace signs. Who KNOWS what havoc they may have wreaked if you guys hadn't moved in the way you did. Good to know the city can still afford you, even if it can't afford to pay for schools any more.