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Take the Red Pill - WAKE UP!

Peace Protesting
Take the Red Pill - WAKE UP!
Take the Red Pill - WAKE UP!
I just returned from the protest in progress at the federal building in Eugene. It was pretty lively, and I belive, just a sampling of what's to come. By this I mean that the pro-war, pro-bush crowd that stood on the adjacent street corner seem to be itching for a fight. But then that would make sense, wouldn't it?

In fact, a bit of a scuffle did break out when some black-bloc folks were burning a flag and a warrior ran up to them and threw it, or grabbed it, or something. I didn't see the actual event, only the effects of it, which was burning pieces of old glory flying through the air while people screamed and scurried to escape from it. The war is happening right here at home too.

I stood on the corner holding a sign that said "Take the RED Pill - WAKE UP!" Lots of people liked it, those who understand the red pill/blue pill thing. The other side of my sign reads "ONE WORLD ~ ONE PEOPLE". Once people wake up they'll get that simple concept. But as long as they're swallowing that blue bill of propaganda they'll remain in a blue funk where everything around them is something to be feared and destroyed. How sad, and dangerous.

I stood next to a guy who told me that he used to be like the drivers that were passing by and flipping us off. I asked him how he changed. He said that he went to South America and met people who had been brutalized by our government and he realized that they were human beings just like us.

He told me that he never had a permanent home growing up, his father was in the army and had a job that involved dealing with nukes (something that he did not learn until he was an adult). I think that growing up in that sort of milieu creates the sort of mindset that he admitted to once having.

He told me that while at the peace rally last Saturday a group of perhaps seven protestors sat down in the street. The riot cops showed up and when the protestors refused to move one of the cops shot a young man in the groin with a bean bag from a rifle, from a distance of about eight feet. Of course, this agitated the protestors even more, and arrests were made.

There is a lot of heated energy out there in the streets, all over the world and I think that we're headed for a meltdown. Personally, I think that we are past the point of no return. It would require such a massive shift to turn things around, which I don't think will happen before it all comes tumbling down.

The question that has been rambling around in my head is what is my role, how will I respond. Obviously, each of us needs to take a close look at our own actions and see if they feed or destroy peace. With this comes massive responsibility, but the ultimate liberation.

I am working on simplifying my cluttered life dramatically, from the number of hours that I work (which is at present halftime) to the amount of stuff that imprisons me.

And with regard to the present situation, I think that the best place for me to concentrate my energy is to educate people about the Gigantic Corporations that are ruling and ruining the planet. To encourage people to boycott anything and everything that is remotely related to the murderous regime that we are living under. War is about money, so this is where we need to unearth our energy.

As I left the crowd of protestors behind at the federal building it grew darker and darker. It made me realize that the light of our collective energy is a must in turning things around and that when we band together we are a powerful force that can change the world.

Power to the People! See you in the Street!
Finding One's Place in a World Gone Mad 20.Mar.2003 21:15

Ardent Pacifist

While I agree with the statements made by Peace Rebel, I feel that where we really went wrong was in thinking that free will gives us the right to anything we want rather than the right to choose between good and evil, sustainable and predatory, harmonious and exploiting, rational and rabid. We are where we are because we lost our moral rudder and now find ourselves adrift in a sea of pirates, hell-bent on looting the last remaining resources before they are cast into the darkness that is the fate of all who choose to be blind.

The antidote, if there is time before the poison kills us all, is to do just as Rebel suggests: find a place where one can express one's understanding through conscious consumerism, one that deliberately boycotts those temptations put forth by the demons and that equally intentionally cultivates new relationships with the future, with sustainability. Let's call it ecofriendly spending. Moreover, it must lead to a rejection of that which breeds resentment and disorder so that the new growth can root and become strong.

Let's hope we are not awakening from our somnabulism too late.