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Cops beat critical mass riders

Cops cornered bike riders on Morrison bridge and threw them on the ground and beat them.
Cops are becoming more violent. They cornered critical mass riders coming back from the i-405 liberation and beat the crap out of several riders. The cops have the riders tied up, face down on the bridge waiting to take them away.
watching from canada 20.Mar.2003 20:20

krystalline kraus statica@hotmail.com

just wanted to say your highway blockade made it live! and at the news recap on TV stations in canada. so you got your message out there!

bravo! bon fait!

we were all so inspired after a hard day in the rain protesting to turn on the tube and see your wonderful actions!

sorry about the cops, hope this message cheers ya up.

in sol,
toronto, ontario

on kATU 20.Mar.2003 20:26


i saw this on network news from salem from an airial view. a cop graspped a rider right off his/her bike while they were riding it and threw them to the ground. at that point, channel 2 cut away and didn't say a word about it!!

protesters rock, you peaceful means and methods are working. I-5 and 405 south both blocked before traffic re-routed to 205.

Support from across the nation... 21.Mar.2003 09:19


This message is to let everyone who participated in the protests in Portland, that you have friends from as far away as the midwest. I have a very dear friend in Portland whose brave efforts contributed greatly to the peacful protests. Thank you all for continuing to stand up for what is right; truly right...and hopefully with our combined efforts all over the nation, we can make a difference.

whoppdy friggin doo 21.Mar.2003 09:48

Kyle (portland,oregon)

"protesters rock, you peaceful means and methods are working. I-5 and 405 south both blocked before traffic re-routed to 205."

Oh yeah, it's really working. I can't remember how many times I was laughing at all the pussy liberals that don't know what it's like to have freedom in a tyrant controlled country all for the sake of hating mr. bush. As far as I'm concerned, you should all jump on a boat and go live in an opressed country for a while and see how you like it. Why is 80-90% of the Iraqi people for this war. So they can be liberated and have views of their own of course. You guys are disgusting anti-americans who need a cold shower to wake up from your hippi movement. Blocking streets and bridges isn't going stop the war.

<img src=" link to www.planetpeschel.com border="0">

Kyle is cool 21.Mar.2003 11:38

son king

Man, someday I want to grow up and believe everything I see and hear on the TV. One day, I want to sit safely behind a computer and insult people for actually getting off of their asses and doing something. Someday, I want to wake up from my critical thinking ways, and become a blind hopeless sheep following a sheep-fucking shepard off to war. One of these days... One of these days I will lay down and let the world pass me by without my imput. I want to believe that my country is fighting for my freedom, and that my pResident is not a moron. One of these days I will believe that my actions don't mean anything and that I should just give up. I want to believe that by bombing a ridiculously poor country it will make my dick a few inches bigger, and give me the right to call other people names. One of these days, man...one of these days.
Kyle you represent everything I fight against. Your stupidity and obvious pent up rage from lack of love, fuels the fire that burns inside every person that took to the streets yesterday. Keep the insults coming, because they do nothing but make us want to fight harder, and come up with more creative ways to make things harder for people like you. If we didn't make a difference yesterday, you wouldn't feel the need to insult us. The truth is that our goodness, and passion is eating you alive with envy, because you will never have the balls to stand in front of a cop in full riot gear and a gun, and continue to move closer when he tells you to stop. You envy the courage it takes to make a stand, so you stick with what your precious FOX news tells you to believe. You are a sheep Kyle, and your country has taken your mind.

son king is cooler than me 21.Mar.2003 11:54

Kyle (portland,oregon)

If I'm such a fox news sheep going with the herd of america. Support your cause by answering me this one question. How will avoiding/stopping the war and leaving Saddam Hussein in power save lives and promote peace in the middle east?

i know education in oregon is bad..but really 21.Mar.2003 12:31



you should learn what this war is really about, do you think that cheney's oil companies are really concidence? do you think that bush's remark about having a crusade was really an accident? do you think that going against the UN does not make bush and blair war criminals? this country is FOUNDED ON DISSENT read your history, why do youthink europeans came her adn killed millions of native americans? to take their land ...to start a new church. and government. why do you think you have a weekend? it was the anarchists and leftist who gave you that and although i am no sure, i bet you value you those two days of sloven
couch sitting and tv watching more than the coors lightin your hand. get a grip get educated and get real!

War is not the answer 21.Mar.2003 12:37


"If I'm such a fox news sheep going with the herd of america. Support your cause by answering me this one question. How will avoiding/stopping the war and leaving Saddam Hussein in power save lives and promote peace in the middle east?"

Kyle, kyle, you obviously do watch a little too much Fox news and it has quite apparently atrophied your ability to think for yourself. There is no reason that Bush needed to start a war in order to remove Saddam Hussein from power. He could have operated diplomatically with Saddam Hussein, or gone through the UN, proposing a resolution that DIDN'T involve bombing the fuck out of a very poor country, which, due to our economic sanctions, already has no clean water, modern medicines or adequate food. The people there are obviously unhappy with their leader, but do you think they're going to be any happier about a foreign country coming into their nation, shooting people and blowing shit up, and then imposing a puppet democracy to create a 'beach head' for U.S. imperialism in the middle east?
Saddam was complying with UN inspections, and had Bush's administration proposed any sort of peaceful or 'surgical' (meaning we DON'T use 2000lb bombs!) solution to the humanitarian issues in Iraq I'm sure they would have been much better received by the international community.
By the way kyle, if you're concerned about oppression and weapons of mass destruction, just keep in mind that protesters here in portland were beaten, pepper sprayed, shot with rubber bullets, and generally intimidated by police with no name tags, badge numbers or other forms of identification and black face masks. It's not as if our own system isn't repressive to the extreme as well.
Also, there is only one nation in the entire world that has EVER used nuclear weapons, that's the U.S. Wanna know where Hussein got the money for his biological and chemical programs? From the U.S. Wanna know who put him in power? That's right, once again, the U.S. It's seems to me that we've already fucked things up pretty well in the middle east and maybe we should stop while we're not TOO far behind. America is not the world cop, it is not our place to depose tyrannical dictators, it is not our place to dictate domestic policy in foreign nations. These are all the responsibilities of the U.N., who by the way, I hope declares the U.S. a rogue nation and kicks the living crap out of us.

crono reply 21.Mar.2003 12:55


Aside from completely not answering my question, I like how you say that bush should have gone through the UN diplomatically instead of the "bombing the fuck out of a very poor country." By your statemen there, it seems that you support the UN. Fine! First of all it is not illegal to go to war over this matter. In our constitution, which we live by in american (no other nation lives by our constitution) all we need is congressional approval, which president bush got last year! Now, since he bypassed the UN, which you so solemnly support, why is it ok for Saddam to bypass the UN and be out of compliance with weapons of mass destruction for 12 years? Most of the weapons that we know he has is reported by Iraq to the UN, which you so solemnly support! You sound like a fucking hippocrit who doesn't have a clue on what the hell is actually going on in this world. You should listen to some Iraqi refugees stories on emmigrating over here because their family and friends were gassed by Saddam Hussein. Now if you can't answer this question, you're a joke.

How will avoiding/stopping the war and leaving Saddam Hussein in power save lives and promote peace in the middle east?

You're asking the wrong questions. 21.Mar.2003 16:48


How will avoiding/stopping the war and leaving Saddam Hussein in power save lives and promote peace in the middle east?
t's not a question of leaving Sadaam in power. I think that is one of the representations you get from corporate news. I personally am not pro-sadaam, as the mainstream media would like you to think. It's interesting that one of the arguments for the war is by saying that the Iraqi people keep Sadaam in power, so they deserve to get the shit bombed out of them. But we bomb the shit out of them and then make the people participate in a representative democracy (blech!!). How democratic is it to INSTALL a fucking government. This government will obviously be hand picked by the WTO's finest in order to make Iraq "competitive" in the industrial market. Do you really think that by dropping bombs on a country...killing their leader...installing a regime...and colonizing the country is going to be good for peace? Do you really think that? The truth is that the inspections were working. Bush and his media like to say that "Sadaam continues his pattern of deceit and lies." Well no fucking shit. All of those bastards lie and deceive. Yes Kyle, even the pResident of the United States lies through his teeth in order to save his ass. Case and point are the "totally fabricated" documents that COLON Powell made several references to in his addresses to the UN.
I believe that if we put an American chosen government in Iraq it will continue to be fucked up because democracy frees noone, it just sets up a different set of rules, by a different set of gods, and will oppress a different group of people. If you think that you are free, you are mistaken. You are trapped in their game. You buy their trucks and their gas and their music and their fashion and their televised lies. And you are a good American for that. Oh yeah you probably have several flag decals too right.
The truth is Kyle, that Sadaam will not rule for much longer...as far as we will be able to see on the TV. WE will be shown what a great success this action was. But behind the scenes there will be that same mentality that will seek to take innocent lives, whether it be some fucking coward suicide bomber, or some fucing coward nation that lobs bombs from miles away. This war will not end terror. Believe that. And removing one leader to put another ne in power will not stop oppression, but just form a new institution in which it can operate.

For Kyle... 21.Mar.2003 21:47


Loved your poster Kyle was wondering which of the armed forces do you fight for? Or are you like so many pussies out there who love war so long as somebody else fights it for you. You seem to enjoy your First Amendment freedom to criticize others for crossing your lines of morality and good taste. Well buddy I appreciate your position and your opinion so much that I am go put my life on the line to defend your right to utter mediocre things bereft of anything approaching original thought. That's right Kyle buddy, your First Amendment rights, don't worry, I have them right here in my pocket. I got you covered. I will say the most outrageous things, in the most outrageous ways so that anything that you might ever possibly imagine will fit neatly within center stripe, with a wide margin, of the 16 lane First Amendment super highway that me and my friends are paving. So talk it up buddy spew and spew and spew just leave the guns in the drawers and find some real friends. Don't think that I'm talking down to you Kyle buddy, your contribution to the great conversation is just as valuable as everybody else's and maybe just a little more due to the clear influence of right wing propagandists, somebody has been doing their mediocre homework, not bad.

Kyle 21.Mar.2003 21:58


"As far as I'm concerned, you should all jump on a boat and go live in an opressed country for a while and see how you like it. Why is 80-90% of the Iraqi people for this war. So they can be liberated and have views of their own of course"

I am sure that the Iraqi's that survive will be better off but what about those that are killed or have a loved one killed in the process. Is this war the best solution to the problem? If it is then why is the majority of the world against it? I realize that Saddam is not a good man and that he has done some awful things. But our media makes him out to be worse than he really is. When Bush was describing what an awful guy Saddam is, he said that he executed people. Capital punishment is legal in this country and Bush should know all about that. Bush mentioned other things as well, which may be true, or may be somewhat true. It would be in his best intrest to exagerate about Saddam's evil doings. Even if you are right and the Iraqi's that survive the war are happy Saddam is gone, I don't think a war was the best solution.

three years and many young lives later; 10.Oct.2006 21:55

the pragmatic pessimist sweetpeapete@msn.com

Well. Here we are. Still going hell bent for the almighty buck. There are a million things to say about our administration, most of them not so good. It makes me sad when I admit to myself that, in my humble opinion, we, the human race, is doomed. We are very clever but not too wise. Our understanding of human interaction, culture, community, is very little advanced from the knowledge we had before the time of Christ.
The ancient Greeks, Minoans, Olmecs, and many many more cultures knew the basics. Murder is wrong and must not be tolerated. Laws are to be formulated so that people can live together in peace and harmony. The Golden Rule. Don't hit. Clean up. Don't steal. Respect your mate, children, and neighbors. Share. Laugh. Mourn. Pull your own weight. I've neglected many, but these are all well known paradigms for successful co-existence. Many, if not most, of these concepts are practiced by a majority of the peoples on earth, so why do I think we are doomed?
I believe we are doomed because of the very essence of ourselves that separates us from all of the other life forms we have so far discovered. Our 'human-ness'.
In the television show Star Trek there is an intelligent life form called The Borg. These are cyborgs; part human, part machine. The machine part dominates in most instances. The Borg exist to serve the whole. Individuality is unknown. They behave not unlike ants, or bees. A hive society. It works very well. Everyone pulling for the general good of the whole, even unto death if necessary. We, as humans, abhor such behavior when it is pursued as a tactic. Or do we? What comes to mind when thinking about Kamikaze pilots in WW II? Die for the Emperor! Or, a massed charge out of the trenches only to meet nearly certain death for no apparent gain during WW I? Die for your country! Or, how about driving around in a poorly protected vehicle on the other side of the planet in order to...in order to..what? Protect the actual United States from terrorists? Now here comes the doomed part. Yes, we do it. That is, we go to a sovereign nation on the oposite side of the planet, depose it's ruler, then drop bombs on innocent as well as "insurgents" all based on a pack of lies. And what do we do about it? We put magnetized ribbons on the back of our 300 horsepower vehicles saying "Support our Troops!" and "Praise the Lord". Then we call anyone who thinks or says that maybe we should rethink our actions cowards, nattering nabobs of negativity, or worst of all, traitors. That is why I think we are doomed. Because we don't have the wisdom, ability, or patience to sit down and resolve our differences, and celebrate our similarities, like civilized people.
This doesn't just involve war, greed, corruption, and aggression. It involves the environment, population, bigotry, momentum. Can the world and it's peoples survive? The earth will, in some form. But I'm not so sure about the people. Something must break sometime. Famine (the apocalyptic kind), pandemic (same), world upheaval (when things get bad enough people will explode), martial law, societal breakdown, darkness.