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Protestors about to take 4th bridge

A contingent of protestors are about to liberate the fourth bridge...the broadway bridge.
Protestors are on the east side of the river...they are about to liberate the Broadway bridge. Cops are line up behind them.
Wake up 20.Mar.2003 19:50


I just want to know what it is this disruption is supposed to accomplish. The fighting in Iraq has started already, so what is it you all up there are trying to do?

Stan 20.Mar.2003 20:06


Bring it home. More than you will ever want.

Wake up? 20.Mar.2003 20:09



It is you who needs to wake up. The war is illegal and they have a right to express their frustration in the form of protest. The point is to get the message out how freaking inflamed this country is about a government gone mad!

Appeasing them doesn't work 20.Mar.2003 20:26


At first I didn't think this sort of thing was constructive. But hell, it does no good to vote, they just steal the election. The government is no longer a servert of the people. It is completely out of control. They attack us, we have to strike back. You can't reason with them. Violence is the only thing they understand.

A Question 20.Mar.2003 20:35


How are you "liberating" these PUBLIC places? I really don't understand what you're taking them back from.

liberation 21.Mar.2003 02:33


when liberated people occupy a space, that space is liberated.

we consider those of you who buy and sell this war to be... so your hollywood addled mind can absorb the concept... a part of the matrix.

How else could you keep driving that SUV?!

i still haven't heard a pro-war 'demonstrator' express a valid point. rather the lies regarding disarmament of a "threat" that hasn't made an act of aggression in 12 years nor has a link been proven (even flimsily) that there is a 9-11/iraq connection. Not even the CIA.

we also, for a moment, free what is ours from the hands of those who control it. when you get a speeding ticket on the 405, the police buy another "less than lethal" toy to hold us and you in your place.

there were no speeding tickets issued during the time critical mass occupied the 405. consider yourself liberated.