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French Bicycle Symbolically Run Over By American Monster Truck

A critical mass participant was nearly run over by an aggressive motorist on Grand Ave. He escaped only at the expense of his beloved orange Peugeot, which fell victim to three-foot tires and an enlarged ego.
In a symbolic(and literal) victory of US aggression over European pleas for peace and progressive policy, a 1970's-era orange Peugeot road bike was run over by silver, king-cab, long-bed monster truck Chevrolet(license#ZEH364) at the intersection of Grand Avenue and SE Belmont as part of a pro-peace Critical Mass ride.
Several riders attempted to halt the driver in order to make the roads safer for cyclists and all other traffic, but the driver dismissed them as a "spineless debating club". More cyclists gathered in front of the vehicle as he inched his way forward with no regard for the 200+ riders with whom he shared the road.
"We must confront cyclists, pedestrians, and fuel-efficient cars with resolve," shouted the motorist from his perch ten feet above the roadway. "By backing down, we only play into the hands of cyclo-terrorists, maniacal bus riders, and un-patriotic drivers of Japanese hybrids. Evil shall not triumph."
Cyclists tried to reason with the motorist, but the diplomatic voices were drowned out by the revving of his ten-cylinder diesel engine. With a final push on the gas pedal before shifting into gear, the driver had delivered his ultimatum to the cyclists.
"We must rid the roads of these vehicles-of-less-consumption once and for all so that streets will again be safe for drivers of large American cars. By acting now, we are ushering in a new era where Ford and General Motors prevail, so that all citizens of the world can enjoy the privilege of increased horsepower and an elevated roadway status."
With these words, the motorist made good on his promises and pushed forward with his plans. As cyclists, pedestrians, motorists, and police watched with horror, the truck rolled forward, and the bicycle met its death beneath the wheels of the Chevy, the owner of the bike narrowly escaping a similar fate.

(photographs, witnesses, legal help, and syntax correction greatly appreciated)
Sounds like... 20.Mar.2003 19:56


Sounds like attempted murder, vehicular homocide, or at the very least, wreckless endangerment. Victim and witnesses should press charges.

I saw it.... 20.Mar.2003 20:26


Many people recorded his plates and will be posting it in a bit, im sure.

legal action a go for ZEH364 20.Mar.2003 21:54


The legal connection to prosecute this driver with vehicular assault has been made. It will not go unjustified!!!

The law...... 20.Mar.2003 22:37

99th monkey

I've quoted it before, provied by one of Portland's own D.A's:

811.060 Vehicular assault of bicyclist or pedestrian; penalty. (1) For the purposes of this section, "recklessly" has the meaning given that term in ORS 161.085.

(2) A person commits the offense of vehicular assault of a bicyclist or pedestrian if:

(a) The person recklessly operates a vehicle upon a highway in a manner that results in contact between the person's vehicle and a bicycle operated by a person, a person operating a bicycle or a pedestrian; and

(b) The contact causes physical injury to the person operating a bicycle or the pedestrian.

(3) The offense described in this section, vehicular assault of a bicyclist or pedestrian, is a Class A misdemeanor. [2001 c.635 5]

This is directly from the State of Oregon's "Rules of the Road" Oregon Revised Statutes site  http://landru.leg.state.or.us/ors/811.html

I was right beside the Chevy truck that destroyed the bike and could feel the hate and anger from the driver.
Also of note is the fact that one block N on Grand was a contingency of PPB commanded by Rosie Sizer, who I know is well aware of the above law, but yet did not order any of her officers to chase down the perpetrator who was in offense of the hit and run ORS.....

The same madness happened again coming back into Downtown Portland off the Broadway Bridge when a white hotrod kid-car heading north ran through a group of bikes and onto the bridge heading East. The Police at that intersection in Front of the Main P.O. told us that they had "25 police on the other side of the bridge" who would arrest him. Does anybody know if they did?

Simply Amazing 21.Mar.2003 01:18


I loved the part when everyone pounded both sides of the truck. Some even threw thier own bicycles into it. It was great. Thanks agian for another awesome ride.

response to 99 monkey 21.Mar.2003 01:24


Cheers monkey!
Got that plate from the posting? will contact when confirmable...
Also- we chased that white car that plowed into people like hell over the Broadway, and there were no twenty cops, rather there was one cop turning @ the light to stay on that side of the bridge that wasn't concerned about us racing after someone, (or anything else, it seemed). Boo -pig misinformation!
ps- I have your hat.

Company Name? 21.Mar.2003 09:19


Help! What was the name of the company that truck represented so we can start flooding em with calls??

503-449-2827 (cops s

Someone reported 21.Mar.2003 13:31

say what?

...the company as Entek, but I cannot confirm this.

Picture of the guy 21.Mar.2003 16:22


This is the guy who did it, moments before he did the deed. Too bad I didn't get any better pics.
Picture of the guy
Picture of the guy

If that was a cop bike... 21.Mar.2003 16:56


there would be a dead Chevy driver and it would be found by internal affairs to have been a justifiable homicide but when it is just a citizen rider then, well, they have plenty of those to spare. I appreciated your joyous delivery which matched the tone and atmosphere at the Justice Center where critical massers united and effectivly siezed; "who's Justice Center? Our Justice Center...". That's right we owned it, we were outlaws secreatly using the furnature like foot stools and watching Texas Justice with the detached and grim disregard that one develops from knowing that each act of resistance amounted to our lives. It was like the French Resistance durring the occupation of Paris, except, without smoking all those annoying Guitan's...but other than that it was just like that.


Have joy and unite because it really is just like that.