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2 groups on I-84

Two large groups of liberators on the I-84 about 1/4 mile from each other.
There are two groups of people on I-84 - outbound lanes of the freeway. People sitting down on the freeway. People in their cars are getting out of their cars and walking toward the liberators. Cops are trying to drag people off the freeway. The traffic is stopped on I-84 and very slow on I-5. Another group of liberators are walking up Grand Ave going North on Grand.

Cops are diverting all traffic on I-5 South bound diverted to I-405 to isolate the liberators.

One liberator hit by car as Morrison bridge enters I-84.
the point is to stop business as usual 20.Mar.2003 20:09


Someone asked what the point of blocking the highways is. I think the point is to rattle the day-to-day -- to shake people's routines up a bit and the country and our politicans up to the fact that we're at war, people are now dying over there, and there are a whole lot of people over HERE that are very upset about that. Bush Administration (not to mention many leading Democrats) have ignored us and world opinion - so now that the war has started we need to scream a little bit louder.

I really wish ALL the views people have got equal coverage and discussion in the media - but they don't. The media only really pays attention when flags start burning or traffic gets disrupted. That's unfortunate.

By the way, though, I agree that calling the protesters who blocked the highways "liberators" is silly. But then again, so is calling US troops invading Iraq "liberators". As if the US gov't will topple the Hussein regime, and then let the Iraqi people decide for themselves who they want as leaders! I'm glad Saddam will be gone, but the price in innocent blood (not to mention my tax dollars) is not worth it at all.

KICK ASS!! 20.Mar.2003 20:11


Way to go P-town. Shut it down. Shut down the interstate. Shut down the flow of wealth from the many to the few. Hell yes road blocks are activism and they been very successful in other countries. Feeling a little inconvenianced by these actions? Pretty small compared to having your body dimembered by an American missle. These people can be proud of their action and should keep it up. NO BUSINESS AS USUAL!!!!

whose road, my road 20.Mar.2003 21:30


Whose road? Our road. Modern wars are fought for oil and profit. The white BMW I was lying in front of in the westbound lanes of I-84 was really pissed. We actually had east and westbound shut down for a few minutes at the Grand entrance.

blocking I-84 22.Mar.2003 19:46

Peace unitypunkgirl@hotmail.com

I was one of the people walking up and down the row of cars and introducing myself to people....my message to them was...You think this is inconvenient..imagine getting a bomb on your country and families. It's simple, but it really got people thinking.