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They've taken the freeway - 1-84

I-84 has been liberated! I-84 and southbound I-5 are both taken. Protestors on side of freeway. They are trying to take the lanes. They are sitting down.
I-84 has been liberated! I-84 and southbound I-5 are both taken. Protestors on side of freeway. They are trying to take the lanes. They are sitting down.

There are people on the burnside bridge. There is a group of protestors on both sides of the burnside. People are burning American flags on the downside side. Cops are moving onto the I-84. Police are moving out away from the protestors and have all but disapeared from the ends of the burnside bridge. I think they are regrouping.
There's no place to hide... 20.Mar.2003 19:28


Dear clay,

Every major city in the US has been all but shut down. Since you were smart enough to find Portland Indymedia...then you should check out San Francisco, Berkely, LA, Chicago, Denver, Washington DC, NY ...the only place that has not been liberated is the part of Texas that Bush trashed with chemicals from his factors.... Ya know he is just a boy who runs around the globe trashing it. Just know a crack head who got hold of some weapons of mass destruction. Ya know...a terrorist!

Nothing left to fight for except life 20.Mar.2003 20:02


Hey Clay...and all you other trolls don't come to Oregon! The corporations already gutted the economy. HP, Intel,Enron, ...they came and took away 35,000 jobs in two years. Bush's war will take the rest. Senior citizens dying from lack of care, Oregon has the highest unemployment rate in the nation, schools are going bankrupt, nothing left to do but get up off our knees and take back what is left.

You don't like it then go back to where you came from and leave Oregon to Oregonians. And all you trolls that just helped send Oregon youth to war...I KNOW you won't care for them when they come back sick from depleted uranium or some other US chemical warfare. I KNOW IT!

empty souls, just plain empty souls...that's who you are!

Sorry People 20.Mar.2003 20:15


The protestors are the real patriots. If you think it is okay to condone what is happening, it is truly sad. You don't have to attend a protest, but you should be damn glad that there are people who can see the warning signs. Liberal-fascists, yeah right. The only fascist and the only terrorists work in Pennsylvania Avenue in DC. It's a fact Jack.


Michel F.

Joshua Drake is pretty Macho. I'd look good on his hood.

When Bush/Sharon fascist axis killed Rachel Corrie, I went looking for a right-winger, or anyone in Eugene showing the New Order nazi flag on their car. I wanted to give same a piece of my mind.

But I couldn't find one! No kidding. Looked three days. The conclusion is not that anti-war / anti-fascism support is 100% in Eugene...its that the minority of warmonger and dull my-country right or wrong types, these types who are so brave when it comes to running over 23 year old women with bulldozers and fire bombing 500,000 Iraqi children (U.N. estimate, not mine)...these same macho folks WON'T DARE SHOW THEIR COLORS IN EUGENE! Protect the paint job on their SUV, you know.

Your colors don't run the world. And your colors run too...in Eugene, Portland, San Fransisco, Chicago, etc.