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Why are the protestors scared to show there ugly faces?

Why are the protestors scared to show there ugly faces?
Why are the protestors scared to show there ugly faces?

I thought they were proud of what they are doing?

I thought they were brave, heroic, patriotic?

So why hide behind a bandana?


Are you afraid your boss will see you and you will get fired from the Burger King?
One of the reasons is very simple 20.Mar.2003 18:05

jeremy jromagna@comcast.net

Well, one of the reasons is very simple. In fact it's the same reason soldiers have gas masks. It's to help protect against chemical weapons!

What about yourself? 20.Mar.2003 18:05

Macho Guy

Why don't you go ask them yourself macho man.
You'ld probably piss your pants.

the tear gas answer makes sense, sort of.. 20.Mar.2003 18:12


I can understand the pepper spray answer in some cases, but most of the time I see these photos, its because they are hiding..

@ 20.Mar.2003 18:26


Why wouldn't you hide your face from a government that will arrest you for exercising your rights?

hey dumb fuck 20.Mar.2003 18:32


In a police state surveillance society, where police take pictures of anyone at a rally, etc, which go into a database which may then be used against you at a later date to "prove" you are a terrorist, naturally people will cover their faces.

Magna, you're mine, let me mash your cupcakes.

Black Bloc 20.Mar.2003 18:43


Well for what it's worth, those particular protestors (if you even want to call them that) are known as the Black Bloc. In my opinion, and I hope there are people out there who would agree with me, they are little more than agent provacateurs who stand only to hurt the anti-war movement. They did their best to throw a wrench in the WTO protests, as was their mission. They destroyed property with impunity while the police did fuck-all about it...and the got free housing from the city, to boot! Their actions gave the powers that be an excuse to put the smack down on the entire protest, which resulted in many injured innocent people. They are true scum, and I hope that this time around people will step in and kick the shit out of any one of those pricks who decides they want a repeat of what took place in Seattle.

Hysterical, all of you! 20.Mar.2003 19:03


I agree with Jeremy, the reason why the protesters are wearing the gas masks is because of the chemical weapons being released by the protesters themselves, although unintentionally. It is their flatulence as a result of a diet of copious amounts of tofu and bean sprouts and lentil stew that they cook in their blue smoke, belching VW microbuses that their rich parents bought them because they wanted to fit in Eugene. The majority of the protesters feel guilty and harbor feelings of self-hatred due to their high standard of living in a world of inequity, I think as a result of watching too many commercials starring Sally Struthers while high of crank. You can find them camping out illegally on the North side of Portland State University.

You are misguided, time may rectify that.

Wrong, z 20.Mar.2003 19:07

GRINGO STARS gringo_stars@attbi.com

At the WTO protest, the black blac's property destruction was a direct RESULT of police agression. The corporate media says that the police responded to broken windows, but it was the other way around. Watch Free Speech Television on Cable Access for a regularly-running documentary about the WTO protest. DO NOT trust the corporate media. They lie.

'z' obviously wasn't in Seattle 20.Mar.2003 19:10


The police smack-down happened before any black bloc activities, fool.

Really? 20.Mar.2003 20:07


Bullshit. The Black Bloc began on Tuesday and it wasn't until early evening that the police started to get serious (although there were a few instances of needless police agression earlier in the day). Things would get much worse the next day...

<At the WTO protest, the black blac's property destruction <was a direct RESULT of police agression.

And just assuming that things went down the way you say they did, why was it a good idea for the bloc to retaliate by doing what they did? How did that help anything? Do you really believe that it didn't pour fuel on the fire you allege was already burning by that point? If they wanted to lash out against police brutality and agression, then why didn't they attack the police? Not that it would have done any good, but why didn't they do that if they're so hardcore? Why do something that is only going to make them look bad? Why not let the police bash and spray innocents and be bad guys all by themselves?

Either way it's idiotic what they did -- their behavior.

But if you don't think so then I'd really like to hear it.

b-b-b-but.... 20.Mar.2003 20:26


If there isn't a ruckus no one will listen.
Everyone knows that people are against the WTO, most people only because of the protest...
Peaceful marches with permits do not do shit.
Only civil disobedience will get anything done legally, and vandalism is the illegal way to get your message heard.
Sucks but that is the way it is.

Right back at you &quot;Magna&quot; 20.Mar.2003 20:52


Hey "Magna" Right back at you..............
Why do you use a pseudo name?
Why hide if you stand behind the horse-pucky that you post?
Aren't you a stand up sort of guy who is confident in your convictions?
So why do you conceal your true identity behind a bogus name?
Are you concerned your boss from McDonalds might read your post?

To 'Sniffer&quot; 20.Mar.2003 21:10


You're an idiot.

I guess you're not much of a supporter of MLK, huh? Or Thoreau, or Ghandi? Or countless others? I guess they were just wasting their time, right? Sure they were.

Face it: you and people like you are closet fascists. That sort of behavior does no good and so you'll rationalize yourselves to commit more extreme acts for the purpose of getting your message out. To look at it another way, how far is what the Bloc did in Seattle that different from Kristallnacht. If you won't limit yourselves to protests, then how can you limit yourselves to vandalism? Wouldn't the bombing of a significant building, a gov. or corporate HQ cause the sort of "ruckus" you're looking for? Just think of all the people you could reach with your message!


BO? 20.Mar.2003 21:10


>It is their flatulence as a result of a diet of copious amounts of tofu and bean sprouts and lentil stew<

Actually, it's a proven fact that meat and dairy products are the largest contributors to BO and flatulence.

Fucking Cowards 21.Mar.2003 02:01

Burnside Bridge

Ha, you fucking pro-death people make me laugh. The handful of your friends out on the Burnside Bridge tonight, half a dozen amidst the presence of nearly a thousand anti-war demonstrators, ran like cowards when the police showed up. And then again, when you were talking shit, and a bunch of us challenged you to back up your words with your fists, you ran like the chickenshits you truly are.

A message to the anti-war contingent - stand up to these fucks, they are cowards and turn tail and run at the earliest opportunity. We can drive the fascist vermin off the street - they have nothing to back up their big talk.

Z, Yr an Idiot 21.Mar.2003 02:04


Anyone who was actually in Seattle knows damned well that the Black Bloc did not move into action until well after the police deployed chemical agents to clear intersections, around 10-11 in the morning. Perhaps the Black Blockers were planning to their thing anyway, and more fucking power to them.

You hide behind Gandhi and MLK - no one would have given a fuck about them if there hadn't been the radical, uncontrollable elements in their movements. There were plenty of terrorist bombings, murders and strikes in the Indian independence movement; and in the Black liberation movement (as yet incomplete) there was Malcolm X, the Black Panthers, and the Black Liberation Army. Read your history or shut the fuck up.

Read History Your Someday, z 21.Mar.2003 13:14

GRINGO STARS gringo_stars@attbi.com

First of all, the Portland protest yesterday was completely peaceful. All people did was occupy bridges and highways. No hurting people. The police did the hurting people thang.

MLK had impact because his threats were backed up by black riots in major cities all over the country in the late 60s. They only televised his soundbites when he made veiled threats, otherwise he wasn't "sexy" enough for network news (little has changed). MLK was an anti-capitalist and anti-imperialist, as he understood that racism stems from the ruling elite's techniques of divide & conquer.

Gandhi was pushed aside as the Indian independance movement came to a head. Gandhi was a great speaker/unifier, but a horrible leader of movements that he bagn. He often backed down or retreated as they were winning, and even abandoned the entire movement a couple of times. Try getting you rinfo on Gandhi from somewhere other than Hollywood. The establishment LOVES to push its own (ineffective) ideas about nonviolent (completely unthreatening) activism. The ruling elite love nothing more than peace and love and nonviolence. Like a robber, they would prefer to take your money and rights with no fuss or resistance. Learn about Gandhi, genius;

The fact is that the only reason many people even know about the WTO's crimes is because of the fact that people broke a few windows (boo fuckin hoo).

The real fascists are the collaborators who want to keep the anti-war movement defanged and unthreatening. ALREADY a MAJORITY of Americans don't want war. That doesn't matter, genius. We don't live in a democracy - if we did there would be no war. In fact, throughout history it has been a dedicated minority that has changed society, not a PR-wooed majority. Name an example otherwise.

It's simple 22.Mar.2003 21:25


It's simple, I wear a mask to protest the Portland Joint Terrorism Task Force, FBI, CIA, etc surveilence of people doing what is supposedly garanteed to them by:
the Declaration of Independence:
That whenever ANY form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or ABOLISH it...
COINTELPRO was never completely dismantled. The PATRIOT Act restored it to it's original form with a few perks.
It is hard to be an effective activist when you are spending life in prison!