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Indymedia to be sued? indictment? Is this true?

someone verify this for me?
I have a class with a woman who says she is a legal assistant in D.A.'s office.

She said they are preparing a indictment against Indymedia, and two other local groups and the non-profit groups that runs it.

She said it was because Indymedia incited and encouraged acts of violence on its website. She said that they are working with the city government on a suit to reimburse the city for the overtime, and damage caused at the protests.

I told her that they didn't have any money, and they would go to jail before paying it. She said that the can confiscate automobiles, homes, computers, and garnish wages, etc.

So, is she full of shit or what?
informing or promoting 20.Mar.2003 18:02


Does Indymedia inform about events or promote them?

I guess that is up to a jury to decide, but given some of the offical postings in the middle column on this website, I can see where they are going to need a good attorney, and those aren't cheap..

Indymedia doesn't exist 20.Mar.2003 18:30


Indymedia (at least portland) does not exist as a legal entity. No one owns it or controls it. It is merely a web tool that helps activists communicate.

The Intimidation starts 20.Mar.2003 18:43


Well, guess these facist jerks are going to go to great lengths to prove that we are right about them, afterall. So much for free speech

Disinformation 20.Mar.2003 18:47

Chuck0 chuck@tao.ca

The above story is an example of police disinformaation. Some cop is trying to scare Indymedia journalists into self-censorship. Everybody needs to be aware that the cops post to Indymedia websites all the time. We've had problems with them doing this in Washington, DC.

ok, one more time... 20.Mar.2003 20:57


Indymedia (at least portland) does not exist as a legal entity; no one owns it or controls it. It is merely a web tool that helps activists communicate.

well... 20.Mar.2003 21:31


If a *portland* DA wants to sue a seattle based entity they may run into some jurisdiction issues. That being said,this is from the open posting page:

portland indymedia reserves the right to hide or edit posts that:

# advocate criminal activity indicating a specific time, place or manner

I'd say there's not much to fear... but I suppose the courts will soon be packed with free speech and free assembly cases, nt to mention, frivolous lawsuits trying to keep states and cities financially solvent for another month.

yes, she's full of shit 21.Mar.2003 01:51

indymedia activist

not to worry