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Japan Vindicated

JAPAN VINDICATED by US actions, Bush's legacy
The United States of America has by its action this day vindicated the Government of Japan for their behavior in the thirties and forties of last century. A nation using a preemptive strike, as has been the American policy in Granada and Panama and now Iraq, can no longer be condemned by the American people.

With this one act the US has shown the "War on Terrorism" to be the shame many said it was in the past. The lust for blood and hate that passes as thought in the American Media shows the world how little progress has been made in the US since the Vietnam era.

While all political parties in the US will spin and turn the deaths of the Iraqi people into feed for their own growth it is of a greater good, and for a better world, that energies be spent on stopping America than on some political pie-in-the-sky.

The world will long remember that men of peace were finding and destroying weapons in Iraq and that the US stopped that to have a war. The sad and misguided fools will claim a great victory over a country that was disarming itself. Like all bullies they will seek more glory. They will thirst for more victory on the fields of Iran. When will you put their attention to domestic needs?

Do not be frighten by their threats of prison and Red Alerts. A Red Alert works against the economy that supports the war machine. Civil Disobedience works only with human beings and will not work in America, the free world outside would see but they already know. Now is a time to be smart, creative and happy of life. Many of us are ashamed and discussed by the last two years. You can not travel outside of this land without knowing the world is laughing and spitting at this diseased place.