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Eugene U.S. Federal Building Hub of Continuing U.S. Rejection of against Bush Illegal Invasion. Regrouped 4PM Rally Scheduled, inspired by San Fransisco and Portland city wide stand for restoration of democracy.
Several U.S. flags were burned, one at a time, as some 400 Eugene activists and citizens continued to reject the illicit Bush regime invasion of Iraq. The crowds include several dozen black-blocks, dozens of local peace activists, as well as outraged citizens from 2 years old to 82.

In one case riot police prevented the return of a U.S. flag to its owner after a right-wing counter demonstrator grabed it and attempted to steal it, and others insisted it go back to its rightful owner, who was attempting a political protest protected by the United States Supreme Court. Instead, an EPD member pocketed the flag himself as a memento.

But several others flags were burned, as 4 lanes of Eugene motorists passed the major intersection of 8th and Oak in front of the Federal Building, overwhelmingly expressing their support with short horn honks, clenched fists, peace signs, and thumbs up.

A woman with both her and her 2 year old baby, both soaked in what appeared to be blood, repeatedly crossed the crosswalks in front of traffic (always WITH the walk signal), as a man beside her held a large sign reading, "500,000 IRAQI CHILDREN!" The sign reminded passers-by of the 500,000 Iraqi children UNICEF and other U.N. agencies estimate will be killed by Bush airial bombardment in this invasion.

As the 12 NOON Federal Building Protest continues, another rally is scheduled to start at 4PM, many vowing to continue a presence into the night.

Other protestors have been seen in roving groups at other public sights, one near the Public Library.

Representative Conway has announced the opening of an email sight seeking into on Bush impeachment hearings. Some protesters took time out to find a computer and send Conway their opinion.
No Respect 20.Mar.2003 17:24


No respect for protestors who cover their faces, burn flags, and yell at people who are also out on the streets expressing their opinion---just because it's an opinion different from theirs.

Here's an idea: Vote! How many protesters stayed home from the last Presidential Election? How many have read anything at all about this conflict and gave real consideration about the alternatives. How many have written to their representatives to voice their outrage over this War?

I fear all these protestors know is anarchy and are just looking for a reason to create a little chaos. Protestors are now blocking streets, and are marching without permits, they've decided to what they want to do, regardless of what the rest of us think.

Sound familiar? They complain about our government not following the rules of society and international diplomacy?

Where's _your_ diplomacy? Or have you decided to invade, regardless.

Faces 20.Mar.2003 18:53

Chuck0 chuck@tao.ca

Protesters will start showing their faces when the police stop videotaping us and stop coming to our demos. When you live under a fascist dictatorship, the only way to protect your rights is to take measures like hiding your identity.

Thomas Paine would be proud.

Vote for who? 20.Mar.2003 20:40


Did someone say vote? Have you been paying any freaking attention at all? Vote for who? Even now, in America's darkest hours, the mainstream Democraps who have lined up to run for President are joining the Bush lockstep. They are all so part of the corporate-controlled death machine that voting for one party or the other hardly changes anything.

But let's just suggest for a moment that it did. Hello!!! I voted against G. Bush in the last election. So did most Oregonians. Bush lost the state. Hell, most of the ballots cast nationwide were NOT for Bush. And yet, the underpinnings of our so-called democracy (joke of the century) installed a tyrannical dictator wannabe as leader of our country.

So don't give us a bunch of bushwa about voting. And demonstrators cover their faces to protect themselves from the fascist law enforcement that has descended on our country, from John Asscroft on down. And if you think that's just paranoia, well, like I said, you haven't been paying attention.

Besides, thanks to Bush, the flag means nothing anymore anyway. Why NOT burn it? If demonstrators burn it symbolically, that action pales in comparison to what the war criminal in the White House has done to it.