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Wanted: PDX Terrorist

Identify this criminal spotted terrorizing innocent civillians during Saturday's "peaceful" protest.


PORTLAND - Portland Police are looking for a protestor who damaged a Mercedes-Benz during an war protest in downtown Portland on Saturday. The driver, James Stockert, told KATU News that he was driving westbound on the Morrison Bridge shortly after 2:00 P.M. when a group of protestors walking eastbound targeted his car.

Stockert said that after it was clear that the protestors were not going to let him pass, he brought his car to a stop. That's apparently when some protestors began sitting on the hood of his car, and another man stepped up onto the trunk and proceeded to walk on the vehicles hood.

Once he got out of his vehicle Stockert said the protestor told him, "Nice Mercedes!"

Stockert decided he had enough, so he got back in his vehicle and drove back to the eastbound fork of the bridge where several police and SWAT officers were observing the crowd. Stockert reported the incident to one of the officers.

If you know the identity of any of the protestors in the photo, please contact Portland Police at (503)823-0740

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I no 'em! 20.Mar.2003 15:54


Ya, mr. corporate man, I no'em!

He's Elmer Fudd!

Now can I have my reward?

might be Elmer Fudd, but... 20.Mar.2003 17:31


looks more like Vera Katz to me.

Solved! 20.Mar.2003 17:50


It happens to be Sir Elton John.
A check is fine with me!

i think its al franken! 20.Mar.2003 18:13


It looks like Al Franken.

poor fucker, to go through life with that face...