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4pm protest advertised on local media news!!!

channel 8 just "officalized" the 4pm protest....
just watching channel 8 and they basically told all the viewers that at 4pm there will be a huge anti-war protest downtown. SO KEEP IT UP!!! YOU REALLY DO MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!

They also said something about a pro-war protest (i call them the anti-peace movement, or the i-took-the-blue-pill-so-osama-yo-momma crew ) on the water front. apparently none of them read the article about ClearChannel paying for the pro-war protests around the country. Perhaps some of us could go there (if it actually will happened) and ask for some signs and then retrofit messages like "BUSH: YOU HAVE 48 HOURS". (Kinkos is near by)

(  http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/showcase/chi-0303190157mar19.story )


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