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In Portland, business as usual...

A view from the city of portland day of
I have been moving around the city (not downtown mind you) & it looks to be business as usual. All businesses are open. People are shopping, working, relaxing etc. I take this to be a failure. We should have devlared a long-durational protest from the moment we heard. That is past us now, so lets prepare for the 4pm thing. Though work will be over we have to (i suppose) trust the tactical planners. For the future lets think of an early morning event to shut down all bridges and major entrances from freeways (not on the freeways :) and major corporate, government, and military institutions. I'll see you in the streets. Let us make amends for the lost day through this evenings actions.

in agreement, sadly 20.Mar.2003 12:58


I'm a student at PSU and it is finals week. Even so, it doesn't seem to be any day out of the ordinary. Everyone seems very absorbed by their own lives. I feel as though we are unable to feel any suffering unless it is our own. The walkout is at 2:00 today, and I hope to see many of my fellow classmates there.

Business, but not as usual 20.Mar.2003 13:42


Business is on, but not as usual. A lot of the people at my non-profit employer are single parents trying to make a living for themselves and their kids. Yes we are at work, and glad to have a job. We don't have the luxury of walking the streets for a cause. We sent e-mails to officials, we are raising money for the World Food Program.

be proud 20.Mar.2003 14:08


I don't think the original post was meant as a condemnation of those who went to work today. Rather, I see it as a statement of disappointment in the organization of the movement.

I certainly do not begrudge people to make earn their bread and rent wage. Feed your kids. Keep writing, calling and emailing your protests from work and be sure to encourage as many as possible to show up for demos after work and on the weekends.

This does not change the fact that no large-scale effort was made to assert our protest from the moment the administartiuon gave the corporate media the greenlight to call it a war and begin the nearly uninterrupted glorification of every cruise missile fired.

Traffic shouild have been stopped. Our bodies should have been in the streets, those of us that don't have the same pressures of work and dependants.

Hopefully todays actions will manifest a more comitted and ongoing presence in the streets.

let's get out of downtown 20.Mar.2003 17:01

little nell

let's figure out how to get actions going on simultaneously in different parts of town. Not many folks work downtown anymore or even consider it the heart of the city-we're much more neighborhood-focused. Occasional large gatherings downtown are effective but not necessarily as a tool for educating or involving people. We might also feel more empowered if it was going on down the block and it would make it easier for working folks to join in the nearest action, maybe on a lunchbreak if nothing else.

Don't discount the 'fifth column' 20.Mar.2003 17:21


Don't discount those of us working from the inside! I work at a large corporation down the street from the Plaza and I've been stirring up unease at work all week -- hyping the rally, warning people they might be trapped downtown, generally keeping them on edge. Management refused to shut down in the face of protests, but half the support staff left by noon. I support my radical brothers and sisters in their fight against an unjust regime, remember those of us in the underground!

Fortune 500? 20.Mar.2003 20:12


Your are absolutely right, McDonalds is a very large corporation - want fries with your revolution?

Awwww 20.Mar.2003 20:59


Hardly. Unfortunately the radical action I warned them about didn't quite materialize...you must not have been there, hmmm, Mighty Mouse? Tomorrow will be business as usual 20 floors up.