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imperialism & war

Transfer your money out of the country

Use the machinery of international trade and investment to strike a blow against militarism. And get financially rewarded for doing so!
Wealthy? Middle Class? Got savings? Hate what the government is doing?

Transfer your money offshore! Invest in Euros or Swiss Francs.

Not only is this an effective form of protest that will strike at the war criminals in Washington, its in your own self-interest! War often creates inflation. Other countries aren't paying for this one like the past Gulf War. As the dollar falls against other currencies, you'll profit.

If enough people do this, it will almost certainly create inflation and economic troubles for the war machine; economic difficulties are often a motivator for a people to replace their government.

address: address: Portland, OR

Are you stupid? 20.Mar.2003 13:36


Last time I heard thats against the law...

you shitheads don't have a plug nickel 20.Mar.2003 17:21

mr. money

you dumbshits don't have any money.

I don't think international banks will take payment in leaves and twigs...

Illegal? 20.Mar.2003 19:47

David B.

Last time I heard thats against the law...
Against what law? Point me to one place where it says currency exchanges are illegal.

Portland, OR

Sing it brother! 20.Mar.2003 19:57


You're absolutely right, David B. Woodsman, the Patriot Act only prohibts Americans moving $10,000 or more out of the country. What's illegal about people investing their money in whatever way they want? And Mr. Money, who said anti-war people don't have money? There are millions of us and we have many millions of dollars. We need to become mobilized on the money issue, to make our common voice heard, that we want our country to behave honorably rather than as a rogue nation. More to come on this issue. It's where the anti-war movement ought to concentrate its effort in the future. We have a power even the Bush administration couldn't ignore, once we organize around voting with our money.