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Another form of Civil dissobedience -

This kind of civil dissobedience is not arrestable and can take the system down if done in massive numbers.
I want to propose a plan to the peace and resistance movement.

It is obvious to me that in order to change the current violent and fascist system, we need to hit it where it hurts the most. Since capitalism only cares about money, that needs to be the point of the movement. Here is the idea I am proposing:

First, people who can, move any amount of money that you can out of main stream banks for an immediate effect.

I am currently in the process of collecting names of businesses and people who are against violence and against wars. I will find funding to create a phone directory, like a PEACE phone directory, where the names of the people who sign on along with their trade and contact info will be listed. Also businesses, restaurants, local farmers, movie theatres, coops, etc. who are against the war.

What we can do with that?

All people against the war can have an option of doing business or eating out or what ever, with people who support peace. This way we create our own economic system within the system and keep the money within the peace movement. This will have a direct economic effect to the big corporations, especially if tens of thousands of people do it.

Portland is perfect for this as we already have a number of coops and organic food stores and restaurants and a number of progressive businesses. We have many options and it is very easily done if we put our efforts to it.

In addition, I am going to seek out Credit Union Banks who invest in Green and Socially responsible funds. We can make a deal with them to open up bank accounts with banks who invest our money AWAY from the military industrial complex and into Green funds.

I hope there are enough people who want to partake in this, because it will only work if people do it in massive numbers. I'd like some feedback on this if anyone feels to respond.

I'll post more on this later.
a good idea 20.Mar.2003 15:04


It's worth doing if only you yourself do it so keep on. Others who feel like you will slowly, surely, join--though we must fight the advertising efforts of the evil ones. Which brings me to another point...

A list of companies which SUPPORT the war is also needed, so that we can not only be sure to help the good guys but also be sure to not help the bad ones.

For a start, I hear the owner of Carl's supports the war.

See you at the friendly places!

When will you get it? 20.Mar.2003 16:43


Capitalism will not be reformed. One can let it work how it's supposed to, or regulate it with arbitrary legislation or formulas. At the very least consider where all this precious money of yours comes from. Capitalism REQUIRES exploiation. It REQUIRES a poor majority. If in this system, poverty were a rare exception rather than the rule, the price of goods would be prohibitively high, lowering the real value of the money people made, and so establishing a poor majority. There is no such thing as a socially responsible capitalist. A profit seeking cooperative I can accept, given the circumstances, but anyone who employs others to do the work, while they harvest the profits, is a rotten thieving swine! Doesn't matter who they voted for.

As far as boycots, and "responsible" consuming go, I should hope were all doing that. This isn't a matter of choosing, on one given issue, which jackboot we would rather stomp us. We should be living as removed as possible from the economic system. It's not even that hard! Sure if you've got your new car payments, mortgage on your new house that used to be a cheap place to rent before your (white professional thirty something) neighbors moved in, credit card debt, and an IRA your shoveling dough into it wouldn't be easy. But then you wont do it anyway! Your invested whether you like it or not in things largely staying the way they are.

get it, already 21.Mar.2003 16:14


Capitalism has been reformed for the worse, with tax breaks and shelters and subsidies for large corporations. And it once was reformed for the better when unions stepped in. If you'd have said, "Capitalism will not willingly be reformed for the benefit of the proletariat," I'd have readily agreed. The question of the day is--is it better to halt the rise of the most evil corporations (and deal with a new head on the hydra) or is it better to just give up all hope (because the system isn't going to be overthrown any time soon last time I checked).

So you go right on ahead not participating in the system. Rich folks will go on getting richer and poor folks will get poorer. Unless you promote good corporations and good politicians, then those who are already on top will stay on top until removed by revolution.