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San Francisco has been SHUT DOWN

TODAY - SHUT DOWN SF: Listen to Enemy Combatant Radio for Breaking News

8:55AM: Barricades at Stockton and Grant. Channel 2 says "If you don't have to be downtown, don't go." and "As soon as protesters are arrested, more sit down. This looks like it will go on all day" and we have a BIG mess commuting" Woo-hoo!!!!! It's working.

8:55AM: Twenty people locked down at Transamerica Bldg. Market and Davis blocked- 100 people. People are trying to get to the Federal Bldg.

8:50AM: Police say half force on street. Officers normally undercover reported to be out in riot gear. Protests taking place "all over the city". Police say at least 15 intersections blocked. "Worst traffic jams ever." Report that at Montgomery and Clay police filling barricades with water to prevent cars from driving into the building. Gay Shame is holding Gough and Market- 200 people

8:41AM: A Jaguar just tried to run over some protesters at Montgomery and Clay. Pigs setting up water hoses.

8:30AM: Lockdown on Van Ness near Market. People locked to big cement blocks. Police are sawing people out. At Pine and people are blocking street with newspaper racks. At Oak and Gough intersection blocked by people with pink flags. Third and Market blocked by about twenty people, no cops there yet.

8AM: Arrests beginning.500 people (police say 300)blocking Market at Sansome. Cop violence reported outside UK consulate and outside Bechtel

7:55AM: Intersections being blocked 3rd and Folsom, 5th And Mission, Mission and Van Ness, Fell and Franklin (arrests about to happen), Fell and Van Ness, Bush and Powell, Market and Sansome, Recruiting Station at Davis St., Bechtel at Market and Beal, Harrison and Fremont freeway ramp (300 people)

7AM: Dozens of actions are planned in SF's Financial District which vow to shut down the city. Thousands will plan to "call in sick" when the war starts to help disrupt capitalism from steamrolling on. action plans and targets
9 AM: March from Hunter's Point to downtown.

12 NOON: Meet at Civic Center for a major march. Also, flyers circulating today say a breakaway will happen sometime during this march, with re-convergence at Powell & Market at 5pm when people get split up. complete list of reconvergences

5 PM: Reconvergence at Powell & Market.
9 PM: Reconvergence at Powell & Market.
MIDNIGHT: Jail solidarity at 850 Bryant. Also protest reconvergence at 7th & Market.

ALL DAY: Bike riders are encouraged to ride through the city supporting the different protests. all-day bike protest

INTO THE NIGHT: Plan to stay out all night. Re-convergences are called for 7pm, 9pm and midnight. Locations will be announced at the 5pm reconvergence at Powell & Market.

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