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Bridge Takeover

This morning seven protesters armed with signs and some gusto stopped traffic on the Broadway Bridge.
The police monitor Indymedia, any attempt at direct action must be planned and discussed outside of this forum. And then discussed afterwards. This is afterwards.

This morning around 8 am seven anti-war activists carried out a demonstration against war. The goal was to disrupt commerce and stop traffic (the connection, again, between traffic and this war is that the war is for oil and the cars are major comsumption units of that oil...and cars are dangerous...) The seven protesters started on the east side of the Broadway Bridge and marched across the bridge towards the west side.

The plan was that that early morning traffic would be heading into downtown to work (meaningless jobs and that is a whole other story) and stopping them from getting to work (instead of getting home from work) seemed to be a better option. With anti war signs and determination, we made it about 3/4 across the bridge before a cop car came from the west and stopped up east-bound traffic while asking us to get onto the sidewalk.

The police did not seem determined to arrest anyone and were rather polite in getting us off. We complied. The result was traffic stopped for about ten minutes. I know that doesnt seem like very much, but in Seattle when they did the tripod they only stopped traffic for twenty minutes. So, without a tripod or arrests (I think in Seattle there were eight arrests) we backed up morning traffic for a decent amount of time.

It is incredibly easy to direct an action like this. Independant groups interested in this kind of action should talk amongst yourselves about similar actions, early morning is the best, groups as small as seven can disrupt things (remember the fedral building?, and today). And the more people the smoother things would go. THis was mostly impromptu, only planned about 18 hours before the actual event. This will work to keep the anti-war movement active in these waning days and if commerce is dirupted enough, it will make a statement.

Hope to see you in the streets. Peace.Love.
Congratulations 19.Mar.2003 12:31


on a well-planned, well-articulated, well-executed and peaceful act of civil disobedience.

for the sake of your karma 19.Mar.2003 13:19


You're damn lucky you didn't kill anyone by blocking emergency vehicles.

'---' for the sake of HUH???? 19.Mar.2003 14:16

velcro buddah

emergency vehicles can go anywhere they want,

whenever they want.

good work 19.Mar.2003 14:38


helping people to hate your cause. there's no better way to get people to hate the peacenik anti-war idiocy by blocking traffic for the mothers and fathers who just want to get home to see their familes. better yet blocking traffic of emergency vehicles. people could actually die because of stupidness like this.

people could actually die? 19.Mar.2003 15:57


"there's no better way to get people to hate the peacenik anti-war idiocy..."

sounds like you already do, thanks for the ever so unbiased opinion.

"people could actually die because of stupidness like this."

are we talking about protesting or war?

? 19.Mar.2003 16:08


hmm, so killing iraqi citizens and american/british troops is ok but god forbid we block a little traffic...emergency vehicles have big bright lights and loud noises for a reason...you can hear them comming from a mile away. nobody is idiotic enough to be like...hey, yo ambulence, we arent gonna let you pass. I dont recall anyone dying in a 10 minute traffic jam. Ive seen worse traffic jams on country highways.

Emergency Vehicles 19.Mar.2003 16:12


Emergency vehicles can't go anywhere if their paths are blocked by solid objects (i.e., people, cars). Hope somebody didn't die this morning because of you.

He's right 19.Mar.2003 17:25

protestor #5

I didnt think about the ramifications of blocking traffic. He's right. Somebody could die while we're blocking traffic. count me out.

i hope its you next time 19.Mar.2003 17:27


I hope you didnt kill anybody with your SUV...yet.

Jobs 19.Mar.2003 18:04


Who are you to say that most of the people whose day was disrupted were going to jobs that were "meaningless"?
Such arrogance!
Tell that to doctors, nurses, teachers, social workers, clergy members, and others who use their time and talents to contribute something to others. You might want to consider doing the same.

emergency idiots 19.Mar.2003 18:12


Geeze. I'm glad to hear that only pedestrians can block emergency vehicles. I would have figured that traffic jams created by CARS would be much more effective at that. After all, pedestrians have an awful lot tighter turning radius, and even a hundred people can usually vacate a roadway to make way for an ambulance faster than a single motor vehicle can.

Ever wonder why the idiots who always bring up this red herring whenever protesters disrupt traffic don't also take even more umbrage at the road hogs who buy hummers and take up 1 1/2 lanes of traffic to get a pint of milk from the store 5 blocks away?

tired of trying to post this 19.Mar.2003 21:47

anti-war woman

Thanks to the people who blocked traffic this morning. How is anybody going to wake up to the connections between their own consumption habits and the war if people don't take the time to educate them. This is a good first lesson for some people.

I'd like to respond to some of the criticism of this act. First, I work downtown. So my morning commute stands to be disrupted by such actions. (Not tomorrow, though. Calling in sick.) Am I bothered by the inconvenience? NO. Most decidedly not. (Although I do appreciate that you put some thought into blocking the morning commute rather than the afternoon commute. Thanks!)

No, my convenience isn't the issue here. The issue is a crime against humanity being committed by BushCo at this very moment. Sometimes, things take precidence over the comfort and convenience of privileged americans. It's hard for us to realize this, since our culture has taught us that we're entitled to take, take, take as much as we can get. Nevertheless, I believe a higher purpose than punching in on time is in order here.

I would also like to respond to "!". You said, "Tell that to doctors, nurses, teachers, social workers, clergy members, and others who use their time and talents to contribute something to others. You might want to consider doing the same."

I am a social worker. Yes, I use my talents to help others. And personally, I can't think of a better way to do that than to disrupt this war machine. Even if it means a little "inconvenience" for me or other petrol-dependent workers. And I will tell you something else. No paid "job" comes close to being important. Paid employment is all about money. It's not about doing anything productive. The productive work we do is the work we do in our own homes, in our communities, from our hearts. THAT is why capitalism is wrong. It elevates avarice to the pinnacle of our national values, devalues the real work we do without compensation, and creates conditions that breed oppression, exploitation, and war. And THAT is why people need to be in the streets stopping traffic, doing whatever they know how to do to STOP this machine and STOP this war.

I love anti-war woman, and think ! is a turd 20.Mar.2003 08:22


While blocking traffic is certainly eyecatching and attention getting, I wonder just how effective it really is. It invites pepperspray and arrests, so it does work as an act of nonviolent >something<, but I'm not sure what.

Civil disobedience is committing an act despite an unjust law (the law against standing in the middle of the street makes sense to me generally). Critical Mass on the other hand, DOES create a perfect civil disobedience act by challenging a number of anti bike laws at once.

Is there any better act of civil disobedience for pedestrians to engage in? We need to work on these ideas. Until then, I'll be blocking traffic as usual, but a better idea is out there, and no one has thought of it yet.

My SUV is an emergency vehicle! 20.Mar.2003 20:03


Police cars and even bicycles are emergency vehicles.
Here's another nugget for you...maybe some of you "peaceful" idiots don't realize it, but there is a kidney dialysis center downtown, as well as some other medical facilities. When you don't get dialysis it's slightly more than an "inconvenience" - it's a little more serious than that...you DIE.

all of you are ignorant 21.Mar.2003 14:07


You dont even know what you are protesting..the war has started, just get onboard and show your support. If you want to burn the flag you have lost your rights so go to some other country. Its the people that are over there (our military) that give you the right to "protest" If I see you out in the middle of the road, Im going to run you over too. I bet even most of you want the phrase "one nation under god" taken out of the pledge of allegiance too...