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m15: day of action

lost bike

i lost my bike at the 3/15th protest after being pepper sprayed
i lost my bike at the 3/15 protest after being pepper sprayed by the cops.
if anyone has any information about my bike please contact me at 238-4545
it is a red raleigh road bike with cruiser handlebars, bike basket
"expect resistance" sticker. thanks

phone: phone: 238-4545

that wouldn't have happend with an SUV! 19.Mar.2003 13:01


if it was an SUV you could have found it..

I think I saw it 19.Mar.2003 15:57


Was it on the ramp? I saw the cops scooping up a bike off the ramp. I was wondering whose it was.... Damn thieves.

confiscated? 19.Mar.2003 16:06


Think that the cops might have pinched it?Have them check their 'property room.'

priorities 19.Mar.2003 17:23

Tree man

how can you worry about a bike at a time like this??! what kind of animal are you??? there are some sick people in this world