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Lib Verses Rad

We all have the same general message, why don't we just work together!?
I've seen some definate hostility between different groups, and this really pisses me off. I really think that no matter who you are, if someone beleives th same as you, just work together with them. If they don't agree with some of your actions, thats their problem! Try to organize things that everyone will be okay with going to. Things where liberals will feel safe, but Radicals will feel like the point is getting across.
Why we all just get along?


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Good point, 19.Mar.2003 15:57


The problem seems to be that the two sides don't believe the same things. Liberals want to stop this war. It's a theoretical, objectified sort of thing.

Radicals understand that it's not just about this war. It's about the root causes of this and every war. It's about taking more than we need, it's about capitalism, it's about imperialism, it's about a ruling class living off us like parasites.

Radicals live what they preach every day. They don't just come out to big, festive marches every other month. They live a sustainable lifestyle each and every day. They don't buy things, they don't take more than they need, they don't support sweatshops, or multinational corporations, or timber barons. They put themselves on the line every day to support the causes they believe in. They understand the connection between what they eat, how much gas they consume, how much garbage they generate, and the larger issues or war and environmental destruction.

Please, liberals. Listen.