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God Bless America? NOT

The failure rests on the part of us all. 
We share the guilt of a nation and society that has disowned God.
"God Bless America!", they cry.
I say, "You want me to bless what?"
"Through legalized abortion, you have butchered 40 million of my children before they ever had a chance to take their first breath and have the gall to call this 'freedom of choice'? 
You embrace the immorality of pornography and homosexuality, acts which my Holy Scripture states are unequivocally evil, and call them 'Good'?  
Husbands, fathers, mothers and wives abandon Me who suffered and died for your salvation, choosing instead to live out of wedlock in sin?
Your entire culture is geared to the pursuit of pleasure, convenience and self-gratification, making long term personal commitment, personal accountability as well as fiscal, environmental and social responsibilities empty and meaningless jokes?
Your corporations and their executives pilfer and plunder the poor and marginalized for the sake of accumulating wealth, power and prestige, calling it healthy business competition - championing the mindset that cheating is only bad if you are caught?
Your legislature, driven by an immoral and corrupt corporate banking and financial machine, enacts laws condemning the average American and their family to a lifetime of perpetual poverty and debt, unable to amass savings or pensions?
These same corrupt businesses deny their employees a rightful, just and living wage?
You create and spread new and altered diseases, then charge exorbitantly high fees for the medications to treat them?
You discover that you can alter genes, convincing yourselves in the process that you can do My job better than I?
Your judges condemn the very mention of My Holy Name in public, claiming that it is offensive?
These same wicked and corrupt judges have declared that the occurrence of my Holy Name in your Pledge of Allegiance is now unconstitutional?
Your media promulgates every wicked thing, promoting each and every evil as something good and desirable?
I tell you, people of America, that all of these things are abominations in My eyes!
Now, tell me again what it is that I am supposed to bless?"
You did it! 19.Mar.2003 13:01


Well, "God", you created everything and everybody and now you're whining about the results. I guess that's why so many mere "mortals" claim to be doing your work. Obviously, you botched it when you did it yourself.

... 19.Mar.2003 13:04

Michael Bakunin

If God really existed it would be necessary to abolish him.

People of North America 03.Jun.2005 16:25

Alejandro Bernat - uruguay mousecomp@email.com

If Some brain reduced man and evil man continue ruling America your Country was hated all over the world.
If Only you could change a little this, your really good people can be recognized for that they really are,beautiful.