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Sex, Lies and Weapons of Mass Distraction

Tomorrow's Edition of Our Historical Crisis....
Sex, Lies and Weapons of Mass Distraction
Sex, Lies and Weapons of Mass Distraction
This week, nothing of particular significance occured. Thus, the "news" industry has provided our "journalists" with vacations in Burmuda to enjoy the "money" in their offshore banking accounts.

Guilty and/or misinformed "liberal activists", seeking to preserve the status quo or get jobs in the "progre$$ive" media racket, screamed loudly about today being different from all other days.

If you've already explored our usual links, and you more or less "get it", you may wish to read history, which is a pretty good indicator of what's really happening in the world.

Since most of today's "historians" are just PR academics for the media-money monopoly, you may wish to read such "passe" classics by scientific historians, such as Buckminster Fuller's CRITICAL PATH, Carroll Quigley's TRAGEDY & HOPE and H.G. Wells' THE OUTLINE OF HISTORY.

Neither "right" nor "left" but real.


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