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Police Bureau Policy on Antiwar Protests

Presented below is the full text of the Portland Police Bureau policy regarding the forthcoming protests planned for after the start of the war on Iraq. The policy was distributed at this afternoon's press conference at City Hall.
The Portland Police Bureau is aware of a protest planned for Terry Schrunk Park at 4:00 pm on the day a war in Iraq begins (or the next day if hostilities begin after 4:00 pm).
Participants in the protest should be aware that there is not City-issued permit for the gathering in the park or a march on city streets and sidewalks.
A lack of permit not with standing [sic], the Portland Police Bureau stands ready to work with leaders in the crowd to ensure the free speech rights of participants and their smooth movement through City surface streets and sidewalks. [emphasis in original]
This spirit has pervaded the parge and successful rally/marches organized conducted [sic] on October 5, November 17, and January 18.
Because there is no date and route information, we can expect that the impact on downtown traffic will be substantial. It is likely that some motorists may become frustrated, confused, or frightened especially those who may feel trapped within the crowd.
The Portland Police Bureau is concerned about individuals within the crowd who might attempt the following:
? Prolonged blockage of motorways with the stated or implied intent to disrupt the free movement of others
? Significant property damage (beyond chalking)
? Physical harassment or assaults of persons within the crowd, bystanders, and police officers.
The Police Bureau may make arrests and/or use crowd control dispersal measures to deal with the problem behaviors listed above. [emphasis in original]
We recognize that the vast majority of individuals within the crowd simply want to express themselves in a non-violent manner. We ask that people be very aware of what is occurring around them in order to make good decisions.

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Ahahaa! Ahhaa haa haa.... 19.Mar.2003 00:21

Proletariat Promotions, Inc.

Do I smell competition, or is that merely Government Cologne #3? Methinks the latter, methinks the latter....
New Mexico has it right: latest poll results show 49 in 50 States' power structures may be short lived.


Very Good 19.Mar.2003 01:21


I have no idea what first comment means.

Anyway, I just moved here from New Mexico, and before then I lived in LA... If this is the *official* line from PD, then we have it very good here. Don't forget that. There are plenty of communities in this country in which no permit = immidiate mass assrests and brutality. We have it very good here.

good gawd 19.Mar.2003 08:07


Proletariat, my ass. 'Vive' yourself, yuppie.