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Let Texas Secede!

Warning: This may offend you if you are a person who thinks that:

A) George W. Bush can actually form complete sentences without the aid of a teleprompter. B) It was just a damn shame when they went and cancelled "Hee-Haw." C) Them A-rabs" are all a bunch of "sand niggers anyway." OR:
D) Your belt buckle is the size of a garbage can lid. E) "It's Miller Time!" is something you have actually said. F) All of the above.
Since this war is being waged by a bunch of greedy, power mad expansionist rednecks who mostly seem to hail from Texas, why don't we let them form their own country like they originally wanted to? Seriously. Let the Country of Texas and their drunken, bonehead, fascist supporters who spurt "Love it or leave it" in between beer belches and fast food farts wage their war of terror, (that's right you Bush cronies, "Terrorism," according to Webster, means 'violence committed by a group to attain a political goal,' which, if you take a look at who is doing what, it is pretty obvious, even to the dolts, dumbbells and dungpiles of the Lone Star State who support it, that the protestors aren't terrorists, the French and Germans DEFINITELY aren't terrorists, yet seem to be falling victim to that word that has taken on Neo-McCarthy implications anyway) on the rest of the world while the real United States of America, those of us who still believe in the Bill of Rights and what they stand for, figure out how to fix this mess that your hate, arrogance, greed and bigotry has spawned. The only folks who are un-American are those rich white hicks who seem to be rewriting the Constitution as they see fit, and according to their own agenda. Forty-nine free states are better than fifty ones enslaved.

Let us secede? 24.Jan.2004 08:49

David rdavidmray@aol.com

If Texas were to secede, we would probably force the entire Bush family back to Massachusettes where they came from, so your problem probably would not be solved. We would form an actual republic that would limit government, retain a vast number of the US military (Texans) and a huge chunk of the nation's economy. The only reason we gave up our 9 year old nation in favor of statehood in the first place was to protect our citizens from the relentless attacks of the Mexican army, which is no longer a problem. Our smaller, locally accessible government would have far more accountability than the "plausible deniability" types in DC, and our natural tendency toward staying out of other peoples business would keep insane foreigners from flying planes into our buildings. So if you Union folks ever get up enough support to kick Texas out of the United States, just let us know, most of us will probably help you.

not everybody is Texas is a Bushie 06.Apr.2004 15:22


As a Texan, I would love it if our great state were to secede. But only because I love it here so much, I think it could stand well as a country on its own. Texas is a great place to live, with lots of culture, history, scenery, diversity, and of course, the best Tex-Mex food in the union. But I always tell people, the only thing I don't like about Texas is the politicians. Let me tell you, it's hard to be a Democrat in this state. I stand with the Dixie Chicks in saying that I am ashamed that President Bush is from Texas. Maybe if we were to secede, all the damn power-hungry Republicans -- who won't settle for controlling just a small piece of the pie -- will leave our great state and head to Washington D.C., where they can continue pandering to the corporate lobbyists.



republic of tx!! yes not state of tx not tx usa, but republic!were sick of dc, bush ascroft, and the rest of the nazi party, let us the hell alone!! we got our own laws [common] laws of god!!! keep your ss,fed funding,fema,irs,fbi,atf,cia,schools of lies,satanic laws,non const laws, and stop taking our freedom with your [planned] attacks, to make folks affraid so they will depend on you more!!patroit act-homeland sec- more ways to en-slave you all!! god save us all if we dont get away!!!!!! wake up tx, and the rest of our sister states in the south, raise the bonnie blue flag, and all our flags of southern independece, and take your lives back!! ps, if my door gets kicked in tonight, because i used my freedom of speech, then my point is provin!!

Let us secede 02.Aug.2004 08:30

The people of Texas

We Texans love y'all, but we'll have to take action if Kerry wins
> president over Bush. We'll miss you too.
> Texas has given all those complainers plenty of time to get
> used to the results. After seeing the whiners along the
> campaign route, the folks from Texas are considering taking
> matters into our their hands.
> Here is our solution:
> #1: Let John Kerry become President of the United States.
> (all 49 states.)
> #2: George W. Bush becomes the President of the Republic
> Of Texas.
> So what does Texas have to do to survive as a Republic?
> 1. NASA is just south of Houston, Texas. (we will control the
> space industry.)
> 2. We refine over 85% of the gasoline in the United States.
> 3. Defense Industry. (we have over 65% of it) The term "Don't
> mess with Texas," will take on a whole new meaning.
> 4. Oil - we can supply all the oil that the Republic of Texas
> will need for the next 300 years. Yankee states? Sorry
> about that.
> 5. Natural Gas - Again we have all we need and it's too bad
> about those northern states. John Kerry will figure a way
> to keep them warm....
> 6. Computer Industry - we currently lead the nation in producing
> computer chips and communications: Small places like
> Texas Instruments, Dell Computer, EDS, Raytheon, National
> Semiconductor, Motorola,Intel, AMD, Atmel, Applied Materials,
> Ball Semiconductor, Dallas Semiconductor, Delphi, Nortel,
> Alcatel, Etc, Etc. The list goes on and on.
> 7. Health Centers - We have the largest research centers for
> Cancer research, the best burn centers and the top trauma
> units in the world and other large health planning centers.
> 8. We have enough colleges to keep us going: UT Texas,
> A&M, Texas Tech, Rice, SMU, University of Houston,
> Baylor, UNT, Texas Women's University, Ivy grows better
> in the south anyway
> 9. We have a ready supply of workers. (just open the border
> when we need some more)
> 10. We have control of the paper industry, plastics, insurance,
> etc.
> 11. In case of a foreign invasion, we have the Texas National
> Guard and the Texas Air National Guard. We don't have
> an army but since everybody down here has at least six
> rifles and a pile of ammo, we can raise an army in 24 hours
> we need it. If the situation really gets bad, we can always
> Department of Public Safety and ask them to send over a
> Texas Rangers.
> 12. We are totally self sufficient in beef, poultry, hogs and
> several types of grain, fruit and vegetables and lets not
> forget seafood from the gulf. And everybody down here
> knows how to cook them so that they taste good. Don't
> need any food.
> This just names a few of the items that will keep the Republic Of
> Texas in good shape. There isn't a thing out there that we
> need and don't have.
> Now to the rest of the United States under President Kerry:
> Since you won't have the refineries to get gas for your cars,
> only President Kerry will be able to drive around in his 9 mile
> gallon SUV. The rest of the United States will have to walk or
> bikes.
> You won't have any TV as the space center in Houston will cut off
> your communications. You won't have any natural gas to
> heat your homes but since Mr. Kerry has predicted global
> warming, you will not need the gas.
> Signed, The People in Texas
> Have a nice day!