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Violent Bald Cop Update!!


In the 4th paragraph of this article KATU says that "less-than-leathal" weapons were never used on the protesters. It is more important than ever to publish any and all photos and videos taken saturday that belie this claim.
Violent Bald Cop Update!!
Violent Bald Cop Update!!

In the 4th paragraph of this article KATU says that "less-than-leathal" weapons were never used on the protesters. It is more important than ever to publish any and all photos and videos taken saturday that belie this claim.

My photos only show him walking around with a spent can and then with a second he got from his car aftyer using the first one. The shots I took of people washing the spray out of their eyes didn't come out because there was no light under the overpass and my flash wasn't on (stuuuupid!)

please publish any photos of baldy getting jiggy with his red cans and at the very least photos of the victims of the spraying. KATU has expressed an interest in the story if there is ART available. Video is better than stills but stills will do. The longer you wait, the cooler their desire to air. One of the hundred lenses has to have caught something!!!

Don't let the one fucker who couldn't restrain himself get away with it. The guy likes his job too much. Lets take away from him.
Portland Tribune 18.Mar.2003 17:51


There's a picture of him spraying on page 3 of today's Tribune.

Um... 18.Mar.2003 19:12


Nobody is denying that pepper spray was used.

The media (and to some degree, the cops), don't include pepper spray (or nightsticks) in the category of "Less than Lethal". That is a relatively new description used for high tech or projectile weapons like beanbag guns, taser, rubber bullets, and paintballs with pepper powder.

Technically, pepper spray and nightsticks would fall under "Less than Lethal", but since they were in regular use before the term was coined they usually don't "count" when referral to "Less than Lethal" use.

Video Evidence 18.Mar.2003 19:50


Portland Indy Video Collective has video evidence of the happenings on the bridge. To view this, however, you will have to come to the next indy showing because WE DON'T DEAL WITH THE CORPORATE MEDIA. (All shows always free to anyone NOT affiliated with corporate media.)

Um... 18.Mar.2003 20:16

to OBS

You haven't read the article. KATU explicitly says in their article that no pepper spray was used.


I can't believe this is not an intentional lie, since they had at least one reporter there on the scene, and they would surely have asked someone, would they not?

Either they lie (and we know they do) or they are incredibly sloppy "journalists." More likely it is both.

Way to go, Cat Woman! 18.Mar.2003 21:34


Show those corporate media types up by refusing to deal with them!!

What a well thought out strategy...

After all, it's not like you would want to get info out to the general populous... You know, the thousands who unfortunaely give creedence to TV newscasts. This is a great time to draw an ideological line in the sand and shoot yourself in the foot! Kudos to you and your lack of foresight! Keep up the good work!

sarcasm aside 18.Mar.2003 22:12


post the video here at the very least. or are you employing some corpie style ad campaign for "the next indy media showing"... the turnout will be great. you'll all be so popular. you'll be lauded and praised by... how many people who are already of the same opinion as you? what a coup.

wait... did i say "sarcasm aside?" i'm sorry i couldn't keep it from my words but how else can one relate to such a waste of resources?

re: um... 18.Mar.2003 22:23


I spoke to a mousey blonde chick with a KATU camera at the widest west side entrance to the Morrison Bridge just as the riot line finished clearing the last occupiers of the bridge proper. I personally told her a bald cop was the only guy who assaulted any protesters, from what I could see and I had photos that may or not be of the act itself. She said that if they were OF THE ASSAULT to send them to  desk@katu.com

of course, as seen above, i had nothing sensational enough for them to use. so if you do... don't be such a punk-ass. post that shit.

reply to criticalmassive 18.Mar.2003 22:29

pdx indy red hot video collective dude

video folks don't bother to try to upload video to the site because it usually doesn't work. either it doesn't post or if it does, it's so slow it makes no sense. hence, the public video showings 3-5 times a month. (most imc's don't even have once a month video showings, so this is very cool and we're doing the best we can to get the video out!)

criticalmassive replies 18.Mar.2003 23:49


indeed. so you mentioned. with the exception of getting it aired to the largest audience possible.

as you "try your best to get the video out" consider this idea:

burn it to VHS and give it to anybody standing next to a network news van. burn a few tapes and give them to all the news vans.

i still don't understand the rational motivation behind a policy of not dealing with the corporate media. i don't advocate working for them... or dressing like them... but don't ignore the power that they represent.

The revolution WILL be televised. With or without our input.

I welcome further discussion.

regardless, article is wrong 18.Mar.2003 23:59


"...but they never used less-than-lethal weapons like pepper-spray or bean-bag ammunition to disperse the crowd."

Yum 19.Mar.2003 00:04

Star Eyes

He has a nice ass.

Corporate Media skews context 19.Mar.2003 00:20

GRINGO STARS gringo_stars@attbi.com

The corporate media, if they get their grimy hands on any given bit of video, will edit the hell out of the videotape. They will omit crucial parts, replay parts that hold up their opinion on things. Whatever they do, they will certainly not play the whole thing. They will skew the context of the video so bad, so as to create their own video version of events. It's their job.

THAT'S why oftentimes its best to not provide grist for the fascism mill; because even if a video clearly shows undue police aggression, just watch when they edit it so that it seemimgly upholds the law-and-order viewpoint that dominates TV news.

good point 19.Mar.2003 01:08


good point. but the way i see it, there is unlimited grist for the fascist mill. and where they don't have it, they will manufacture it. if they want to call activists terrosrists they will and they'll find or manufacture video to support their position.

however the world we live in can't be considered black and white. at the moment police brutality and political sex scandals are "sexy" story catagories. they get hot airtime and heads often roll. and the masses mistrust the cops and politicians a little more each time.

if there is a weakness, there is a way to exploit it. an activist cannot afford to be dogmatic in his worldview. each case should be considered on its own merits and manipulation of the propaganda machine can be an option for us at times.

i'm not even taking the stance that this is one of those times. who knows what's on that video. i'm just against hard and fast rules that exclude the majority of the semi- conscious.

Why Play Their Game? 19.Mar.2003 02:45

GRINGO STARS gringo_stars@attbi.com

Why play a game where they make their own rules and it takes BIG money to even play? The corporate media will beat you everytime with better professionals and PR multi-million-dollar campaigns.

It's best to open peoples' minds. Hip them to IndyMedia, its events and websites. Wake them up so they can see that the corporate news is nothing but lies.

It's not "dogma" to recognise that corporate media is inherently corrupt because they are mere entertainers - tap-dancing for the most viwers so they can sell ads at a higher price. What news is their in the corporate media? there is only propaganda. Cute puppydog stories, useless crime stories, and various industry-serving "news" pieces that are mere ads for various services and products, all sandwiched in-bewteen actual ads. It's best to unhook people from that mind-deadening narcotic. It's not dogmatic to refuse to see things for what they are.

Will there EVER be a video that won't be used to further the corporate agenda of network news? How could that possibly happen?

Even if you sent a 5-second video of a cop wailing on someone, the anchorperson will sneer about a "heavily edited video captured by extremists" then going on to imply that video trickery changed the entire image or that it was staged or that it was preceded by an edited-out bit of people attacking a cop for no reason, etc etc. They can spin anything precisely how they want to. Especially Portland network news, which is particularly fascist and close-minded.

I've only seen sending video work if a person of color sends a journalist of color a video of a person of color getting beaten by a cop. THAT I have seen on TV, and only in LA. I would love to hear of other instances where videos of police brutality have made it, unmolested, to network news.

dogmatic in HER opinion 19.Mar.2003 07:06


Sorry, "nunya." I have no interest in adding ratings to the corporate media. I have no interest in providing more baby food to be slurped up by clueless couch potatoes unable to make their way out of the house without CNN telling them where the door is.

If people want to know what's really happening, they're going to have to go somewhere other than the corporate news to find out. I have no intention of adding to the delusion by giving them ANY of my video footage. They lie. They Lie they Lie they Lie. Haven't you figured that out yet? KATU's lie about pepper spray is a perfect example. You don't think they KNEW pepper spray was deployed? You think they're really just that sloppy in their journalism? You may be right, but either way, they will not tell the truth even if we deliver it on a golden platter.

The corporate media is there to sell people to corporations. That is their mission, and they accomplish it admirably. I will NOT help them do it. I am NOT interested in boosting their ratings with my "sexy" footage of victims of pepper spray crouching in the streets with their noses running and their eyes squeezed shut with pain.

Why are you still playing their game? Get out there and tell your own stories. Stop pandering to the media. That's half the problem with the mainstream marches. People are so concerned with getting the right image across to sell the corporate media that they forget to actually accomplish anything.

Take some responsibility for yourself. Get out there. Tell your own story, listen to other people's stories, and stop sucking poison from the corporate media. That's what I do, so your criticism of me for not doing it the way you think I should is weak minded. If you want to get off your ass, get out there on the front lines, get shoved around and pepper sprayed and hit with sticks in order to capture the real story, then you can do whatever you want with your footage. Sell it to the corps if you want. See what they do with that hard won footage. Then you will have learned a valuable lesson. But get off my ass for not doing the "right" thing with my footage. I think I do enough to get the story out, thanks.

Gringo, try editing! 19.Mar.2003 21:54

distort this?

Hi Gringo. Just edit the video before giving it to the news media. Make it so short that there's nothing BUT pepperspraying going on if you're the cynical type.

They will STILL spin it in their favor 20.Mar.2003 00:42

GRINGO STARS gringo_stars@attbi.com

Even with a 5-second clip, they will STILL spin it in their favor, saying how an Extremist gave them a heavily-edited video - then they will whine about how the victim probably is to blame anyways, but the durned Extremist edited that part out in a weasely attempt to cast blame on the good cop.

They will use much subtler language of course, but will still spin it entirely their own corporate way.

Even if you do get it on the news (and they WILL make it propaganda in corporate favor) then all you are doing is helping the corporate news monster retain all of the public's attention. DO NOT FEED THE BEAST! The Beast of network news makes people DUMBER.