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Early Report: City Hall News conference.

Just in from City Hall.
4:02 PM
I have just returned to my humble adobe from the mayors news conference at city hall.
I arrived a little late, and the first speaker I heard was Chief Kroeker. He was talking about "Operation Safe City" which would envolve regular police officers on extended shifts. He emphasized that the citizens right to freedom of speech would be protected, but that police would act to prevent the destruction of private property. He also emphasized that "No acts of hatred" would be tolerated, and that he was coordinating with leaders of the Muslim community so that police would be ready to respond against hate crimes against Muslims. As far as reporting suspicious behavior, Chief Kroeker, suggested that people continue their normal routines and report emergencies to 911 as appropriate. Any general information citizens wish to pass can be done so by calling 823-4000.
Fire Chief Ed Wilson spoke next and reassured those present that the city was prepared for any type of emergency, natural or man made. He also stated that there would be no public tours of Fire facilities during the emergency period.
Charlie Mathews, Regional director of the FBI in Portland then spoke. He affirmed the cooperation of federal authorities in protecting the City of Portland. While he was speaking, a protester held up a towel with some writing on it, but I couldn't read what it said.
Mayor Katz reiterated that the citizens rights to share their views would be respected, but (the City of Portland) would not tolerate the breaking of laws. The Sheriffs department has set aside extra beds at its' facilities in case of arrests of protestors.
Chief Kroeker once again spoke and emphasized that there was "No call for mass arrests". He stated that persons right to demonstrate would be respected and suggested to any groups interested in obtaining permits, the option was still open. He then said that in the case of spontanious protests, the police would act to ensure that all citizens and property were protected. He pointed out that due to extended hours, there was a posibility of increased fatigue among city officers.

Upshot: The policee are going to be more cranky, and more vigilant. Be safe, be wary, have fun.