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Day of Bombing Legal Support / Jail Solidarity

Be Prepared! Know Your Rights!
There will be Legal Support and a Jail Support Hotline on the day of bombing. The Hotline number will be 503 236-7916 and will be staffed beginning at 3pm on the day of bombing. The number will also be announced at the rally. Bring a marker - WRITE IT DOWN!

Many people have already committed to practicing Jail Solidarity if arrested. This means that they will not carry identification and will not give their names to the police. By clogging the legal system they hope to bargain collectively for reduced or dismissed charges.

If you plan to practice jail solidarity:
Don't carry ID
Don't give your name to police
Don't give your age to police
Be SURE the lawyers you talk to are working with the legal team

Register yourself or your affinity group with the legal team at the signmaking / spokescouncil party thursday march 20th 6pm 1914 E Burnside
Arrange your own jail support:
1. give someone you trust a list of things that need to be done if you are arrested and
2. call them from jail with a pre-arranged alias
3. have them contact the Legal Team to arrange lawyers.

The DoB Legal Team Salutes the courage of everyone in the streets-
We'll be there when you need us!

For more info call 877-572-5727 or email  Shutitdown@ureach.com
Dont Count on Reduced Charges 18.Mar.2003 20:09

Former Activist, never arrested, no record.

The jail solidarity thing does not always work to reduce charges. You could all end up being fined/tried/sentenced in batches, without individual representation. You may do the time for somebody elses crime.

Do you really want an arrest record? Activists are not necessarily more effective when they get arrested. Organizers may have a chip on their shoulder about how many arrests they have been through, dont let their ego's decide your actions.

nit-picky words of advice 19.Mar.2003 00:48

done jail solidarity

Just a few words of advice.

In every legal training I've attended before large actions the legal team always mentions these two things about jail solidarity.

They are: 1) Don't lie, rather, don't talk to police or answer any questions. Simply say I am going to remain silent and I want to speak to a lawyer. Drill this into your heads as if it is a mantra. Police are tricky so be careful and quite.

2) Your jail solidarity name is a NICKNAME, not an alias or an AKA. I think that the latter two are considered false information and can sometimes be used as leverage to seek more serious charges against you.

Hope this helps. Stay safe out there, good luck and, as we gob up the works, let's all send a loud clear message that this sick little war isn't ok with us.