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A Poet Against the War

Poetry is a powerful way to raise your voice. I was a participant in the movement started by Sam Hamill of Poets Against the War. If you haven't already, visit the site and read the words from poets from Portland and all over the world. Thanks to Patrick and Dan for guiding my words.
The Intelligence of Landmines

He spoke first of rabbits
souls of sensitivity
heads easily tilted by
infections in the middle ear.

Information is
instrumental to healing.

The erudite description was tender
as his knowledge of weapons of war.

Then talk of fields.
Land mines
trickier than ever.
The kind that think.

efficient detonations and fluctuating traps

though wary and suspecting,
have fewer
of remaining intact.

All things in delicate balance.
It becomes harder to heal,
despite vigilance.

homepage: homepage: http://www.poetsagainstthewar.org