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even the mayor reads indymedia

mayor katz is apparantly using indymedia as her source regarding the upcoming actions.
She wants to be informed 18.Mar.2003 19:56


Of course she reads indymedia. She wants to be informed.
Even "Linda" Katz knows that corporate media is only Bushit.

HI MAYOR KATZ 18.Mar.2003 20:28


Hey "Linda." Since you read indymedia, a hearty greeting to you and I have a couple of things to say. First, what HAPPENED to you??? I VOTED for you once. Sigh.

Second, what's up with Kroeker? Just cut it out. You know he's gotta go. It's only a matter of time. (Oh, and hello "chief" Kroeker. How come you didn't wave from your chicken position of safety well behind the riot cop lines on the Morrison bridge? Man, you can't even HIDE your contempt for the people of Portland, can you.)

Third, Mayor Katz, you've sold out the people of this city with your support of the JTTF. You sold us down the river for a little measly support from the Portland business cartel. We won't forget. You don't have the kind of $$ it takes to buy an election the way bush did. See ya.

Fourth, I will hold you personally responsible for any and all terrorist actions by the Portland police against the people of this city in the coming days. There's a WAR on. NO ONE wants it. No one is listening to us...yet. If bombs begin to fall on the people of Iraq in spite of all our protests, we will take to the streets and you ain't seen nothing yet. This is not a threat. This is what must be done. If you think it's better to allow your paid henchmen to beat and gas and imprison people than to allow the war machine to be inconvenienced, then you are a delusional ex-progressive who has sold her own soul for a stint as mayor. But then, we've suspected that all along.

Right 19.Mar.2003 06:09


Sorry to burst your bubble, but the productive mainstream in America is firmly behind the actions we are about to take. Your plans, while grandiose in your mind, will be ignored again. Go ahead and have your protests, but don't be surprised when this is met with the severest of resistence from the majority of Americans. Go make yourselves feel better, but realize, that is all you are accomplishing. You say that you are going to start war, just don't underestimate your foe and make sure you know who it is and the power they possess.

to productive... 19.Mar.2003 06:25

this thing here

"ja herr kommandant, gott mit fascism. gott mit uns. seig hiel!"

to 'productive' joe six-pack 19.Mar.2003 06:39


"We"? Actions that "we" are about to take?

I'm not sure what actions you mean. If you mean shutting down the city, then you're right.

You refer to the chimerical "mainstream." Who is that? All your "buddies" who come over and swill beer on your couch every sunday to watch the game? Sorry, dude. That's not the mainstream. That's a bunch of pathetic goombas being willingly ground down to worthlessness by a system that kills.

The sad thing (one of the many sad things) is that you're being used as much as anyone. Yet you're too ignorant and blind to see it. You sweat and toil to support your pathetic and empty way of life, brought to you by a power elite you can never hope to join. They live off you, and you let them. You actually help them maintain power. You dream of being one of them. But you're not. You're lowly and worthless and small. But then you know that, because you're a troll.

You think you're "productive"? In what way? I have a masters degree, and a professional job, and a house. Doesn't that fit your stereotype of "the mainstream"? And guess what. I'm hitting the streets with all I have the minute bombs start dropping on innocent people. Tell that to your boss. I don't care what you think, I don't care what your "mainstream" thinks. I only know that this war is WRONG, and I will not stand idly by and let it happen. The people who would start this are war criminals, and you're a blind sycophant. Later, when we all say we told you so, it will be too damn late. So take your poison somewhere else.

ditto 19.Mar.2003 08:23


antiwar is correct. This war is one of the biggest military blunders of all time, and that informed opinion comes not just from antiwar activists, but many respected, high ranking military personnel with much combat experience. Not only that, the Bush administration has been deceiving the general public about their real intent in the middle east. Though, it is not that hard to see through the mainstream BS. Just read, listen t what is actually being said. Merely the fact that Bush will go to war irregardless of whether Sadaam removes all WMD's, which he virtually has, should tell you something. There's so much more out there. Don't be fooled. Bush does not care about you. How's the economy doing? Making big bucks? Well, those that are, are fewer and farther in between.