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Life is short, immigrate to Sweden!

Life is short, immigrate to Sweden!
Life is short, immigrate to Sweden!

Life is way to short to waste it trying to teach a pig to sing. It just annoys the pig.

You can visit another country, and if you like it file the paperwork to immigrate. The United States is a very conservative country. It may not seem like it from where you live, but just look at the makeup in congress.

The Republicans are very conservative, and half the democrats are, because their constituents are very conservative.

There are only a few pockets of progressives in the United States. Eugene, Portland, Seattle, NYC, and San Francisco.

Europe is much more progressive, and much more socialist than the US will ever be.

I hear that New Zealand is nice too.

Ask yourself these questions.

You are 25 years old, 1/3 of your life is already over. Do you want to spend the other 2/3 of your life here in a hopeless attempt to teach the pig to sing?

Do you want to perform radical acts that land you in jail with very long prison sentences for domestic terrorism like some on this website have, and spend your best years trying to win an early parole?

Is this the country you want to raise your family in?

Suicide is not the answer, either by your own hand, or doing something monumentally stupid.

There are many like minded people moving out of the United States right now.

Home is where you make it. You can always come back if it doesn't work out.

Give it a try, all you have to loose is time, and time is the stuff that life is made out of.
immigration 04.Sep.2006 12:32


long time ago trying to immigrate to sweden but no way I took succeeded, if you can advise or help, I am waiting them in this important question, reasons will be discused if you want,


immigration 22.Sep.2006 01:22


I like to immigrate to Sweden.I'm from Iran and I have MS degree in Industrial Engineering from Science and Technology university and all of my grades were excellent.I'll be grateful if you can help me

interested 10.Jan.2007 18:04

cory tyr_hermod@yahoo.com

i am interested about moving to sweden to get the fuck out of this shitty country. let me know about it.