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m20: day x

Links to information on spray/gas treatment!

Here is good info on treatment for pepper spray and tear gas...
If you've been looking for good information on how to plan/react/treat for pepper spray and tear gas, I've found these pages to be very detailed! Get prepared! We only have a day or two left!!

Tear gas & pepper spray prevention & First-Aid

General Advice for Protesters

Recommended Supplies for Protestors

Come prepared!

They aren't on our side anymore 18.Mar.2003 14:51


The solution to tear gas and pepper spray? Beat the fuckers up before they have a chance to use it. Don't take a bicycle, take a damned baseball bat, a prowler fowler nunchaku, whatever. When the cops make an apearance attack and beat the shit out of them all. There are far more of us than there are of them. Face it folks, the politburo and the KGB are NOT on our side any more.

Outdated information, but not dangerous 20.Mar.2003 01:38

Not a medic

The information posted on these A16 links is outdated, though not dangerous.

Most street medics around the country and elsewhere would suggest using LAW (liquid anti-acid and water) for pepper spray as a first option and MOFIBA (mineral oil followed immediately by alcohol) as the second option. MOFIBA requires training and practice and careful separation of bottles. Putting alcohol in someone's eyes accidentally will cause more damage than any pepper spray.

Go to the Black Cross Health Collective website for further information. If you don't like our site, we have a number of links to other action medics and first aid information. The LAW treatment was developed in Portland through the work of scores of local activists volunteering to be tested with pepper spray.

As with every healthcare remedy, practice is recommended.

To the person who recommends attacking the police: that is one option. Do you know how to treat shotgun, taser and pistol wounds?

Fight the power. Do No Harm. Stop the War.