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run on the banks: financial protest to war

Protest Bush's war by withdrawing your money from your bank as cash. When the war officially starts, hit the status quo buy pulling out your cash. A small critical mass will show what a house of cards our financial system is. Panic in our corrupt financial markets will follow. Shake it up!
Here is a simple and legal way for you to shake up the status quo to protest this sensless war etc. Go to your bank and withdraw as much as possible as cash ( not cashiers checks etc. ). Only ask for amount less than $4,000.00 at one time. They cannot refuse, it is your money. Be indignant. Get as many other like minded folks to do the same. It will actually take a very small critical mass to completely freak out our banking system. The reason is that banks lend out more money than they actually have in the vault. They are hoping that only a small percentage of the funds they keep track off actuall leave the bank everyday as cash. Thus they simply do not have enough cash for even a small number of people to come in and empty their accounts. The truth is that our banks are basically a house of cards. The spend all sorts of money making impressive buildings etc., but they simple do not have the money that you've entrusted to them. They've over extended themselves by loaning out way more money than they actually have in an effort to get ever higher profits. The banks are completely and totally wrapped up in our current corrupt adminstration. To break thru this facade all we have to do is get enough people to go withdraw enough cash, and a panic will follow. Pass this info on to as many folks as possible. Lets excercise our right to our money and make a statement that we still have some power left.
hmmm... sounds like a double edged sword 17.Mar.2003 15:55

majimbambira markhoss00@yahoo.com

while it is true what you say, the danger of running our banks cannot be understated. while it would put the hurt on some fat cats in the short run, you should recall what happened to the people of argentina when they ran their banks, and ended up with a severely devalued currency, and a devastated middle class. yeah it sounds like a good idea to "smash the state", but ultimatley we would be fucking ourselves. i wish i had $4000 in the bank to run off with, but even if i did i would think twice before liquidating my account completely. keep scheming though!

Well... 17.Mar.2003 20:12


Why doncha just blockade the money from getting to the bank in the first place... ever wonder where all those armored trucks come from? >:) They have to ship the cash in from somewhere... doesn't it all come from the Fed er sumpin?