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Take a Stand!

Take a stand for Peace Activities, write a US senator at InterNation! Also, words that I shared with Arun Gandhi on Nonviolence....
Take a Stand!
Take a Stand!


March 17, 2003 To Indy Readership
RE: PEACE ACTIVITIES: Please check out our "Take a Stand" link at InterNation. Besides a "Take a Stand" link, I've also redone the movie at the top of the InterNation homepage, to link you to these new pages. Here I have a page built with a letter to your senator, saying in so many words, "Stop this war!" I had planned to go to the San Francisco march this weekend but I felt my time was better spent working on InterNation. Now we have an interactive page in which you may email whichever senator you like, by simply adding whichever senator's email beside the "text box." It is easy! In fact, you may also personalize the message as well! Also, considering that this war is apparently underway, you may want to add your views relating to George Bush's presidency, and the question--should he be impeached?
I will create a similar page for writing senators and congressmen on StopAmerica.org (InterNation is its portal) pages as well. Does anyone among you know how to create self-publishing pages (So that people may publish their own views?) Would you be willing to donate your time doing this?
A number of people have asked me, "Why if the war is basically already underway, do you even bother?" My reply was pretty much the same as that of the Islamic writer, Mohammed Abdel Qudos, who was protesting in Cairo over the weekend. When asked this question, he said, "This is a symbol. We know that we won't prevent war, but we are just expressing our opposition."
I believe that speaking out is always better than doing nothing, and despite the words of Maria Sanchez advocating violence (Against the Yankee Death Star), those who practice non-violent resistance may not win in the short run, but they do triumph in the end! (For more on this subject,visit Mahatma Gandhi's grandson's Website at the Gandhi Institute.) Non-violence is in fact an act of resistance. Remember: to use violence to resist violence is totally counter-productive, it merely perpetuates an injustice.
Some years ago I met Arun, Mahatma Gandhi's grandson, in Mississippi. One of the things he said to me while our clothes were spinning in the dryer of the laundromat in Oxford, was, "The British thought they could keep India with their gun boats but my grandfather knew the of the true source of power, and it was not in guns. It is like the Gangis River. Maybe it is polluted as it goes through the cities, and villages, but where its source is in the mountains--it is pure." Likewise, the source of the river we draw from to enact justice--even if it is corrupted as it flows through the cities of men--begins as a pristine source...and this is what you and I must draw from.
Tod Zankert

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