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NYC Call for Black Bloc on Day of Invasion

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Call for NYC Black Bloc at Day of Bombing Protest
posted by j on Monday March 17 2003 @ 10:19AM PST
Direct Action Here we are on the March 17th deadline and Bush & company get more & more determined to inflict terror on the Iraqui people. He is addressing the nation on TV tonight. Chances are Bush will be announcing that war is imminent.We need to be ready for this move on their part and consider what our response will be.

To that end, we are calling a black bloc for the convergence at Times Square on Invasion Day. No Blood for Oil have already called for everyone to converge at that point at 5PM upon US bombing. Other groups are planning to meet elsewhere and march into Times Square. We fully support these actions and seek to complement, not compete with other plans. In fact, our main goal for calling the bloc is to ensure that we do indeed occupy the square.

The cops will be prepared for mass protest in Times Square-they have known our plans for months. Anyone that attended the February 15th protests knows what they will do. A combination of protest pens, brute force, horses and intimidation will be used to force us onto the sidewalks-into permitted activity that is all too symbolic. The inspiring aspect of the February 15th protests were the groups of people who challenged the cops lines, who blocked traffic and contested space. We need to take that attitude and those tactics to Times Square on Invasion day and not allow ourselves to be boxed in.

Our call then is a defensive one-not a militant gesture nor an aimless call. Come prepared to take Times Square, occupy it and when necessary, defend it. Some tips:

- Form an Affinity Group- At the very least, get together once before the march with your friends to talk about how you want to act as a group during the day. Committ to watching out for each other during the march, and if possible, choose roles to take on. If you are planning on doing a specific or more militant action during the march, figure out how you can support each other. Give your personal info to a friend who won't be there, and let them know what to do if you are arrested (call you boss and lie, call your friends, call your parents).  http://www.actagainstwar.org/article.php?id=14

-Legal-get those legal support numbers that are posted on nyc imc and other sites before you go to Times Square. Write them on your arm and call them if you get arrested.

-Come Out In Black- It's not a style and we don't do it to look scary. If we all look similar, those who may be targetted because of their skin color or their actions are less likely to get picked out of the crowd. The police have been video-taping and using other methods of surveillance at the past protets so bring something to cover your face and hair. Bandanas, hats, and masks work well. If you have extras, bring them so people who have forgotten or haven't come prepared don't get left out. Our choice of black is also symbolic of our collective mourning not only for the victims of US bombing but all victims of capitalism, racism and state violence.

See you at the barricades and in the streets!