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Where can I get riot gear???

I need to know where to purchase things like helmets, goggles, shin guards, etc.
Okay, I don't have a lot of time and no transportation... Where is the best place in Portland to stock up on things like goggles, helmets, chest protectors, and other riot gear. Ideally, I want all my skin to be covered in case of pepper spray (I caught some of that during the Bush protest and I am <i>not</i> eager to have it happen again.)<p>

Ideally, I want to amass a costume that is similar (but probably not as effective, since this has to be sorta cheap) as a Portland riot cop. This means, ideally, a helmet with a face mask, the chest protector things they wear (that look like something a baseball catcher would wear), etc.

Is there any one-stop shopping place in Portland to get stuff like that? A sporting goods store, maybe?

Something like <a href=" http://free.freespeech.org/yabasta/genoa1.jpg">these guys</a> hopefully, though black is preferred!

not a good idea. 17.Mar.2003 13:09


you are better off getting pepper sprayed then getting whacked in the shins and head with night sticks.

If the police see what you have done, then that will be the course of action they pursue.

I know exactly what should be used to keep if off of you, but I won't say for both yours and the polices protection.

this is only a game with the police until they feel they can't control the situation. at that point, the gloves come off, and the first people to get hit will be the ones with the cameras to document it.

if you don't want to get pepper sprayed, then stay home and write a letter to your congressman.

DIY 17.Mar.2003 13:37


If you want something quick, and cheap. I recommend army surplus (obviously)

And plexiglass, put some screw holes in that and attach 2 handles, blockade the police.

Swimming goggles, thrift store, or wherever you can get them for cheap or steal them.

Incase you can't afford a gas mask at the army surplus store, go for vinegar and a bandana.

Skateboard helmets are good, bike helmets are pretty weak and lame though, so don't bother with those.

For the longer DIY full body armour suit, cut up PVC pipe and sew it together to fit you.

Football gear is ok, just don't wear the tight pants :-D.

Spraypaint everything black, and make sure you can throw it away easily if you have to get out of a situation.

Always bring extra clothes to direct actions, that is a must.

Reguards do the loud sirens they like to blare at riots, bring ear plugs.

We shall declare SW portland an autonomous zone!

No corporate business here.

yeah don't listen to the scared person 17.Mar.2003 13:59


okay so hardware stores will sell you goggles and also respirators, sporting goods for your shinguards etc.
if you come tonight to the sign/shield making party [see feature on front page] you will probably find people making DIY armor.
the cool thing about ya basta! DIY armor is it doesn't look scary so it can't really be mis-interpreted by the fuckin corp media.
but fuck them anyway, if blacks what you want, do it.

you will look sorta easy to single out if you're the only one armored up, which sometimes make you worse off for the police beating part.
so hopefully there will be a bunch of people prepared.

but at the very least, goggles. and respirator but for some reason in the past it seems that cops haven't been big into tear gas in portland.

go to Sanderson Safety for gear 17.Mar.2003 15:34


Sanderson Safety sells all kinds of safety equipment for bodies. They're at 1101 SE 3rd, a couple of blocks south of the Morrison Bridge. Close to some bus lines, such as the 15 and some others.
Good luck!

Riot Gear 17.Mar.2003 15:45

Chaos Punx

Go to Andy and Bax. It's an army surplus store with really sweet stuff at pretty cheap prices

welding supply stores 18.Mar.2003 08:17


welding supply stores sell good respirators that will work against tear gas. 3M makes a good half face model. Get the organic vapor filter. The standard pink dust filter WILL NOT WORK on tear gas.

Plexiglass is cheap too. With a little work you can make a riot shield.

accross the front you could write PEOPLE instead of POLICE

Protecting yourself against state violence 18.Mar.2003 18:12


A cheap alternative to padding yourself is:
- decontamination suit or tutte bianche which can be bought in Canada for $7 Canadian. Dunno about the States, that country is backwards and weird. whoops sorry that slipped out.
- gas mask and anti-CS filter
- any helmet, style is not the point, but baseball helmets also protect side of head
- ESSENTIAL: rolled up magazines or newspapers attached to clothes underneath overalls. They can absorb any baton blow and distribute the weight of the hit over a large area. This works! Cops cannot hurt you by hitting you in areas padded up like this.

Also essential: Doing this by yourself will very likely make you a target for police violence instead of preventing it. So it's safer to do it in large numbers. However, as we found out in New York last February , that can make you an even bigger target.
So in conclusion the idea is lots and lots of people.

The City gets ready 18.Mar.2003 21:27


Portland's Mayor says "Don't call 911" but call 503-823-4000 for Emergency information on possible Terrorist attack, in a press conference today. It looks like the city is getting ready for almost anything!

Protest photos are posted at  http://www.oregongrapevine.com