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the day war begins - later actions?

IS there a plan to regroup after the 5PM march?
I'm pretty unlikely to walk off my job the day the war begins in earnest, and even if I do, there's a number of people I work with who won't. But we will all want to be in the streets after work.

For those of us who can't hit the streets until after the 4PM rally or the 5PM march, is there a time and place that people will regroup? I have the chance to get some fairly moderate people engaged in more militant action, but I have to have somewhere to bring them. Roaming the streets in search of action will sap their morale pretty quick.

I'd suggest meeting back at Terry Schrunk Plaza or one of the Park Blocks, at something like 6:30 or 7PM.

(And if you want to dis me for being too bourgeois or not committed enough because I don't want to lose my job, please forward all complaints to our New York office. The address is iamjack' scompletelackofinterest@fuckoff.org. And as always, thank you for your support.)

the sacred chao says...
Stopping 'BUSINESS as usual' after 5pm? 17.Mar.2003 18:18


We were just wondering... What is the point of trying to stop 'business as usual' and block key intersections when businesses and gov't offices are closed and people are trying to get home? Wouldn't it make more sense to have the same actions and protest at 7am or 8am the next day? I think we'd be more effective and have a greater (economic) impact if we did this at the start of the working day. Plus, people would be more receptive and understanding to our anti-war message if they knew they were just going to miss a little work as opposed to being prevented from getting home after a long day at work. (not to mention the disruptions certain businesses would feel if some of their staff couldn't make it in to work.) If people want to show up for an additional protest at 4pm, more power to them. But our effectiveness lies in our timing. So I hereby encourage everyone to join us at the Terry Schrunk Plaza, 3rd & Madison in downtown Portland, at 7:30am the day after the bombing begins. Call in sick. Take the day off. Or just plain quit your job. We'll be there. What do ya'll think? Comments please.

Do they wanna war? 17.Mar.2003 20:26

rebel scum

I have a plan, and it will be easier to carry out if there aren't alot of employees hanging out in buildings. (requisite disclaimer courtesy of ministry of tru... I mean, Homeland Security: Nothing DESTRUCTIVE.) Just good hearty American rebel fun. Course, we should prolly talk this stuff over when we actually meet so that the powers that be can't plan to counter our plans. Gotta be quick and on the fly to outpace the police. Although I don't doubt they'll have their hands full... what we need are a multitude of actions, direction and misdirection. As I said, better left for the day of action.

Just be sure and be at Terry Shrunk Plaza, at 4:00 - 5:00 on the day the bombing starts, or 4-5 the next day if it starts after 4

I will be the girl with the "Don't Tread on Me" flag :) cyas all there :) We can put together a network (bring your cell phones if you have them! or radios!) for action on the spot.