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imperialism & war

Boycott the NCAA Tournament

About the same day the NCAA Basketball Tournament is scheduled to begin, (Thursday March 20), King George II plans to begin unloading uranium-depleted warheads on Iraq. Urge the college basketball players to go on strike to protest this egregious imperialistic action.
1. If your university is among the 64 teams in the NCAA Basketball Tournament, urge the players to go on strike to protest the war.
2. If the U.S. initiates bombing Iraq or any other country, and the NCAA tournament goes on as planned, picket the games and do not watch on TV to boycott the U.S. Government/Media propaganda machine.
3. Boycott media sponsors.
Even though college fans are excited about seeing their team win, life and death, which will also affect the families of the players and coaches, is far more important than basketball. No one will die by missing one year of a college basketball tournament.
The U.S. bombing will not only expose American troops to radioactivity and Round II of Gulf War Syndrome, but also kill and expose tens of thousands of innocent women and children to the same radiation. The war is designed only to take over the oil fields and assist Israel in their quest to exterminate Arabs from the Middle East and hence dominate and rule that entire portion of the world. This is a blatant violation of both the American Constitution, which says that only Congress can declare war, not to mention international law, notably the U.N. and also the Oslo accords, which set forth a non-violent plan to solve the Israeli/Palestinian disputes.
Dumb Idea 17.Mar.2003 13:23


Sorry, but boycotting the NCAA tournament is pointless. The college basketball players and King George are in no way related. I imagine most fans are going to be pissed off anyway since CBS plans on moving the game to MTV, VH1, etc so that it can show Dan Rather kissing Bush's arse for hour on end.

Don't boycott,...participate! 17.Mar.2003 17:48

peace-nik bb fan

I have a better idea.

Instead of boycotting, wear shirts with peace symbols to games, bars to watch the game, on game day. Wear a t-shirt that is the appropriate color for the appropriate team---but put a peace sign on it. Participate and change minds.

I can't see how anyone could possibly object and have a leg to stand on.... If a person can wear a racist symbol on their t-shirt in support of a college bb team, and not upset those who disagree....

(Pardon me, I'm from Illinois and my alma mater refuses to retire its "Chief" mascot.)

then peaceful minded people in this day and age should be able to wear a peace symbol while enjoying a non-violent competition of talented college aged youth playing an exciting game.

This is exactly where we SHOULD be. Where people are. And people are into NCAA basketball---including me! This tournament will blind the people to the initial "shock and awe" that is to come...for us, I fear.

You may say that this is insignificant...but I think it could be quite a sight.... Give it some thought.