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imperialism & war

We are going to war today or very soon!Help us shut the city down!

As we appear to be on the brink of war and are likely going to war tonight we need you to help us plan and publicize the much anticipated day of bombing march/action.This protest ,which is anticipated to draw thousands, is also exspected to be the most intense protest in Portland since Bush came to town.We need help to do outreach and to plan this protest which is being organized by a committe of portland radicals(and not PPRC).
Time is running out and we are in crisis mode as we pull together a shut down of PDX!
With the news reports saying that Bush will no longer wait for the UN to aprove his attack on Iraq and that the deadline has been moved up to this afternoon everything has suddenly gone into crisis mode.We are preparing for a giant and intense protest just days after the police attacked hundreds of us on the Morrison bridge and else where with cars, pepper spray and brutality.
The day of bombing appears to be some time today or tomorrow.This is a call to the citizens of Portland to prepare for and help organize the protest which is likely tomorrow.
In this time of crisis here are some thing that you can do.

1.Call all over your friends/family and school or work mates.Tell these people to similarly spread the word so that the ever expanding phone trees that were started this morning can reach the whole city before the bombs start dropping and we are forced to respond.

2.Help us flyer/sticker/wheatpaste the whole city today and tonight.Flyers and stickers can be printed off of indymedia and then copied onto sticker paper or regular paper at your nearest copy shop.

3.Come to the planning meeting/sign making party tonight at 6PM 1914 E Burnside
Bring ideas,affinity groups,friends and sign/banner making materials.

4.On the day of bombing (or the day after if it starts to late) dont go to school or work,instead help us do the last minute out reach and prepare for the protest through getting whatever clothes or material you will need.Go to whichever protest you wish but be sure to be at Terry Shrunk plaza before 5PM so that you can participate in the complete shut down of Portland!

The most important thing is to be there and help us make it a sucess by coming to the meeting and calling your friends.
Shut down portland? Point please. 20.Mar.2003 15:18

Sandra Jones

I understand that many people are frustrated by the war. I am one of them. I find it infuriating that Bush will not listen to his own public. However, the idea of shutting down a city in protest makes no sense. I struggle to see how stopping me from going home after work will help prove to the country that we should not be at war.

It is a rediculous idea thought up by people who only know how to get noticed by causing trouble. This will not further your cause, it will only make people like me decide to support the war simply to spite you.