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ACTION ALERT: Fascist "anti-terrorism" bill to get hearing in Salem, Mon. 3/24

Very scary "anti-terrorism" legislation is COMING UP FOR A HEARING before the Oregon Senate Judiciary Committee on Monday, March 24, at 8:00 am in hearing room 343 at the State Capitol. This bill would define "terrorism" broadly enough to include almost any form of protest, with possible life sentences. It would also effectively repeal existing state laws which protect civil rights and the rights of immigrants. WE CAN STOP THIS!! COME TO SALEM MONDAY!!
Just as many of us have predicted, the hysteria
surrounding war is serving as cover for a harsh new
attack on our civil liberties, this time on the state
level. I am sorry this action alert is coming as many
of us are overwhelmed and stretched thin with (most
likely) having to protest a war over the next few
days, but the war-mongers would love nothing better
than to have us ignore this.

The following is an action alert from the ACLU about
SB 742, which would basically be an Oregon State
version of the infamous "Patriot" Act. It is COMING
UP FOR A HEARING on Monday, March 24 at 8:00 am.

This bill would establish a definition of "terrorism"
so broad that it would cover virtually every form of
protest, and subject people engaging in protest to
possible LIFE SENTENCES in prison. This definition is
expected to be amended, but it's a pretty sure bet
that we will still be left with something pretty
outrageous. This bill also effectively REPEALS the
Oregon state prohibitions against politically-based
spying and against local police being used as INS
agents, by stating that police may ignore these Oregon
laws if they are investigating "terrorism" (which is
now being defined to include pretty much anything).
These laws have been used effectively in the past to
protect the civil rights of Oregonians (remember when
Katz and Kroeker refused to participate in FBI
interviewing of Middle Eastern men?) and the right
wing has been itching to repeal them for years. This
is their chance.

Please don't read this and think that this is some
crackpot right-wing proposal that will not really get
enacted. It is GETTING A HEARING, which means our
state representatives are taking it seriously, and so
must we. Yes, I know you don't have time for this
right now. I don't either. But of all the action
alerts you're getting today, this may be the one with
the most potential to immediately affect your life.

Your state senator needs to hear from you that you
oppose this bill. You can find out who your state
senator is at
The ACLU is also targeting Senators Burdick, Ringo,
Walker, Courtney, Brown, Minnis, Starr and Ferrioli to
oppose this bill at the committee level. Contact
information follows in the attached action alert.

Even better, please consider getting Monday off work
and going to Salem to PACK THE ROOM! Wouldn't it be great if so many
civilians turned out to protest this legislation that
the hearing room couldn't hold us all?! Hope to see
you there!


SB 742 has been set for a hearing on Monday, March 24
at 8:00 a.m. in
Judiciary, Room 343.


1) ACTION ALERT to notify that it is set for a hearing
and ask people
attend. We want to pack the room. We have been
organizing our line-up
testimony but we need people to be supportive. We
will have stickers
identify supporters.

**Please know that there will be amendments to Section
1 to limit the
current drafted definition of "Terrorism." BUT --
there are no
to Section 2, that allows for law enforcement to
ignore ORS 181.575 &
181.850 if they are investigating "terrorism."

2) CONTINUE CALLS to Senators Burdick, Ringo, Walker,
Courtney & Brown.

3) CALL Republican Senators Minnis, Starr and Ferrioli
who sit on the
Judiciary to let them know you OPPOSE SB 742 (contact
at end of e-mail)

Talking points attached.

Thank you everyone. If the hearing date changes, I
will let you know.
we very much need a presence at the hearing. We have
plenty of people
up to testify but we need to PACK THE ROOM.

Here's the Judiciary List plus Senators Courtney &

Senator John Minnis, Chair
Party: R District: 25
Capitol Phone: 503-986-1725
Capitol Address: 900 Court St. NE S-311, Salem Or
Email Address:  sen.johnminnis@state.or.us
Web page Address:

Senator Ginny Burdick, Vice-Chair
Party: D District: 18
Capitol Phone: 503-986-1718
Capitol Address: 900 Court St. NE S-317, Salem Or
Email Address:  sen.ginnyburdick@state.or.us
Web page Address:  http://www.leg.state.or.us/burdick/

Senator Ted Ferrioli
Party: R District: 30
Capitol Phone: 503-986-1730
Capitol Address: 900 Court St. NE S-217, Salem Or
Email Address:  sen.tedferrioli@state.or.us
Web page Address:
 http://www.leg.state.or.us/ferrioli/Senator Ted

Senator Charlie Ringo
Party: D District: 17
Capitol Phone: 503-986-1717
Capitol Address: 900 Court St NE S-314 Salem, OR 97301
Email Address:  sen.charlieringo@state.or.us
Web page Address:
 http://www.leg.state.or.us/ringo/Senator Charlie

Senator Charles Starr
Party: R District: 13
Capitol Phone: 503-986-1713
Capitol Address: 900 Court St. NE S-312, Salem Or
Email Address:  sen.charlesstarr@state.or.us
Web page Address:  http://www.leg.state.or.us/starrc/

Senate Leadership:
Senate President Peter Courtney
Party: D District: 11
Capitol Phone: 503-986-1600
Capitol Address: 900 Court St. NE S-203, Salem Or
Email Address:  sen.petercourtney@state.or.us
<mailto: sen.petercourtney@state.or.us>
Web page Address:

Senator Kate Brown, Democrat Leader
Party: D District: 21
Capitol Phone: 503-986-1700
Capitol Address: 900 Court St. NE S-323, Salem Or
Capitol Fax:503-986-1080
Email Address:  sen.katebrown@state.or.us
<mailto: sen.katebrown@state.or.us>
Web page Address:  http://www.leg.state.or.us/brown/


Don't Let Oregon Police Be Used For Political Spying
Or As Federal INS Agents

Current Status: SB 742 is set for a hearing on
Monday, MARCH 24, 8:00 a.m in Senate Judiciary (Room

SB 742 creates crime of "terrorism" and defines it so
broadly that individuals would be subject to life in
prison if any other participant intended to disrupt
commerce, transportation, educational, or governmental
institutions (such as, strikes, protests, student food
fights). _More importantly, it would also allow state
and local law enforcement to ignore both ORS 181.575 &
ORS 181.850 if investigating "terrorism." This
basically unravels the protections that these laws

Who We Are: We are a growing and diverse coalition of
Oregon organizations. We include representatives of
organizations working in civil rights, law
enforcement, domestic violence, immigration,
religious, labor, environmental, grassroots and
advocacy communities. We share the common goal of
preserving ORS 181.575 and ORS 181.850 because they
encourage effective law enforcement and protect the
constitutional rights of everyone who lives in Oregon.

ORS 181.575 - Protects Against Police Spying on
Innocent People and Organizations: The law prohibits
law enforcement agencies from collecting or
maintaining information about the political,
religious, social views, associations or activities of
any person or group unless that information directly
relates to a criminal investigation.

Oregon's History of Abuse: From the creation of the
Portland Police "Red Squad" in the 1940s until the
passage of this law in 1981, hundreds of political,
religious and other organizations were the subjects of
FBI and police surveillance for no valid reason. A
recent series in the Portland Tribune (September 2002)
uncovered Portland police intelligence files tracking
groups such as ACLU of Oregon, American Friends
Service Committee (Quakers), Coalition Against
Domestic Violence, Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon,
Hispanic Commission, Peace House, Planned Parenthood,
Rape Relief Hotline, Sierra Club, United Farm Workers
and many more.

ORS 181.850 - Allows State & Local Law Enforcement to
Focus on Oregon Priorities:
This law prevents state and local law enforcement
agencies from targeting people based on their race or
ethnic origin when those individuals are not suspected
of any criminal activity.

Local law enforcement is prohibited from using
resources to apprehend people whose only offense is a
federal immigration violation. The law allows state
and local law enforcement to contact the INS after
they have arrested someone. The law also permits
state and local police to request information from the
INS that may help solve a criminal case.

This law does not prevent local law enforcement from
working with federal law enforcement to investigate
threats of terrorism.

History: In the 1980s, several local law enforcement
agencies carried out raids and roadblocks in
collaboration with the INS targeting Oregon's Latino
community. Many lawful residents and US citizens were
swept up in the raids and were treated harshly by
local police and INS agents. Passage of ORS 181.850
in 1987 has not completely eliminated such practices,
but has helped create dramatic improvements in the
relationship between immigrants and the police.

Why We Need to Keep Both Laws:

* They Help Prevent & Solve Crimes - Many law
enforcement officials support these laws because in
communities where people are afraid to talk to police,
more crimes go unreported, fewer witnesses come
forward, and people are less likely to report
suspicious activity. For example, without this law,
domestic violence cases will go unreported, leading to
injury or death.

* They Help Build Trust in Communities - Many
immigrants come from countries where people are afraid
of the police, and many Oregon police agencies have
spent years building trust that would be undermined by
asking local police to do the job of the INS. Police
surveillance of lawful political and religious
activity also undermines the credibility of law
enforcement. Repeal of these laws would undermine the
ability of police to carry out community policing.

* They Help Keep Priorities in Focus: State and local
budgets have been cut to the bone. There are many
federal agencies to enforce federal laws, but only our
state and local police can enforce state and local
laws. Especially in these times of tight budgets,
they need to concentrate on local priorities and local
crimes that the federal government won't enforce.
This bill has changed, but still very bad 23.Mar.2003 16:00


As outlined on KGW web page at

According to that story:
The amended bill defines a terrorist as someone who "participates in or carries out any violent act that the person knows, or reasonably should know, could result in the death or serious physical injury of a person and is intended by at least one participant to substantially disrupt or destroy," assembly, commerce, transportation, educational or government institutions.

So, be prepared with arguments about the amended bill. In addition to the still vague language above, section 2 requires local police to help the Feds spy on people, and the police apparently don't like that idea any more than we do.

Come Voice Your Dissent 23.Mar.2003 17:53

Proletariat Promotions, Inc. secondandburnside@riseup.net

Come to Salem to voice your dissent: this bill would likely be used as a weapon against popular resistance and protest. Section two of this bill would roll back restrictions on police to 1940's levels. Do _you_ want the Portland Police monitoring you because of your voting affiliation? If not, carpools will be leaving from KBOO at 20 SE 8th, off Burnside. Be there, 6 am.