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My Declaration of War

If reality escapes those with the duty to impeach this gang due to fear or greed they must know we will hold them accountable.
We have to scare them straight, they must fear us more than corporate power.
My Declaration of War

1961 IKE's Warning

"This conjunction of an immense military establishment and a large arms industry is new in the American experience. The total influence - economic, political, even spiritual - is felt in every city, every Statehouse, every office of the Federal government. We recognize the imperative need for this development. Yet we must not fail to comprehend its grave implications. Our toil, resources and livelihood are all involved; so is the very structure of our society. "

"In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the militaryindustrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist."

"We must never let the weight of this combination endanger our liberties or democratic processes. We should take nothing for granted. Only an alert and knowledgeable citizenry can compel the proper meshing of the huge industrial and military machinery of defense with our peaceful methods and goals, so that security and liberty may prosper together." Dwight David Eisenhower

The loss Ike warned of is upon us. It has slowly gathered the power and laws to buy, destroy, and control at will. The demand for executive power to erase without a trace convicts the group in power and reveals their evil intent and naked greed. Some recent history and trends first.

Clinton did his part. The "war on crime" paid for 100,000 more cops. that is like hiring ambulance drivers to cure cancer. For the first time in nearly 2 decades the violent crime stats went up. Excessive force police complaints led the way.

Perception is clouded, then corrupted with endless propaganda. Crime shows, cop shows, news stories and other scare tactics convince a receptive group of a need that they will pay for and be trapped by while real evil steals billions.

Since the reagan/bush era our prison population has doubled. The newest million are non-violent for the most part. Manditory sentancing is a curse on humanity. Human service programs are being cut to pay for prisons. Corrections top most state budgets. Why?

Outsourcing will privatize corrections and "free" the states of this burden. A prison factory system is in the works. Imagine the profits. pennys an hour, no need for workman's comp or osha. Minimal tardyness and absenteeism. Once parole is struck down all is in place.

Private companies already profit by locating, setting up,
arrest preparation, prosecution, prison records and phone systems, and parole tracking. Low income housing is monitored.

The mood altering substance used as a trap for this crime is more available and much cheaper in spite of billions spent destroying the rain forest and it's human guardians. A Crime Against Humanity and one example of evil greed.

By spring of 2003 it will be too late. Any who speak up or out will vanish. If you see this we are both on a list. Expecting reason from the evil greedy maggots is a dangerous folly and waste.

Disappearing homeless may be the first public sign of
the "rapture". "Accidental" deaths and unnatural natural deaths of leader types are a certainty. Power to erase without a trace is a primary goal. Bushcorp demanded it. Much is being done to force congress to give in. Why?

Christian Democrats and union leaders and editorialists were the first to go camping when adolf got that. When joe stalin got that, college attendees, military ranks above corporal, union types, and any voices of opposition were murdered. Millions died while camping in gulags. Corporations of greedy men profited.

Our country is ruled by evil greed. Members have held and promoted slaves and slavery in the Americas and far east. Exploitation for profit, and lust for power matter and we don't. Our society has a slim chance to change history.

As long as the middle class remains silent the chance of changing this will diminish to nothing.


It has reached the point where civil disobediance in all of its forms by all types of people united for one purpose, regardless of cost, time, sacrifice, effort, and opposition, is all that stands between our freedom and corporate slavery. It is now or never. This must be the breif season of our discontent.

Our middle class must be awakened. Boycotting has to spread and grow. Local law enforcers must be told who their masters really are. Anyone arrested for anything must be supported for demanding a jury trial. Find the homes of all whose salaries are tax paid. Send snail mail and honk.
Buy ad space in their papers. Protest 7 days a week. Unite for one reason. celebrate differances. spike and disable rather than litter and burn.

Banks and insurance companies that pamper greed must be identified. Domiciles and movements of the evil maggots that defile honor and truth for power and wealth at any cost to the human race must be found and protested. Any person hired by the citizens to represent them had better do just that. Let them know you will see them when they get home from pork city dc.

Let all judges, jailers, and prosecuters know you are watching. See them where they drink and go to lunch. Find their cars and say hello. Local media types get special attention. Most do as told and are friends. owners and controlers must be convinced that honesty is the best policy. All we get now is canned propaganda.

College and younger must know what they will never have if we fail, and more important, their bleak future under corporate rule. Thought crime, perpetual war, control by fear, limited lifespan, fiction news and history, expensive water and air, monitoring, checkpoints, and wages that equal taxes or less.

"If you're ever satisfied you're dead" A billionare whose greed is legendary said that. His type are the problem. Fear them not. They sleep, they bathe, and must love something. Only evil could rob a town, enslave a country, destroy a rich ecosystem, employ monsters and help only the few whose evil and greed match their own.

Dissent is our tool. unite or else. We the people will decide not a few evil greedy maggots. Law and order based on reason tempered with mercy rather than exploitation for control and power.

A recall system for all political and elected persons at anytime. Longer single terms. Big salaries and severe punishment for betrayal of campaign promises and greed.

Ban corporate profit models. Ban corporations if need be. Value will replace profit as THE priority. Employers must pay as much instead as little as they can.

An absolute limit on one persons worth in dollars will be agreeable to 98% of society. Anything over a billion goes to some good use in that persons name. If that limit is broken willfully ,divestiture and poverty will result.

Enrichment gained by suffering will be the only crime worthy of the worst punishment. American industry will show generosity and humanity wherever they operate. Heavy handed brutal and evil exploitation will result in those guilty being handed over to those harmed be they human or animal.

As the most powerful nation our role is to be the guardian of mankind and this planet. Our role must be caring and helpful and welcomed. Food and medicine, goods and services traded for raw materials. Weapons will be bought back and used for anchors. Internal affairs of other countrys will be encouraged by example not force.

Perhaps the greatest challenge is unwriting the bewildering and wasteful web of laws that benefit few and harm most. Judges will have the freedom to use reason and logic. Even handed and just or loss of Big Salary and respect.

All funds now wasted on the "wars" on drugs and crime will be devoted to righting social ills with nation wide education, treatment, health care and housing. Single parents will be paid to care for their children with all the help they need. Substance education and sexual reality education get all the funds needed to instill a fearless understanding of the subject.

Since humans will never let laws stop their freedom of choice where mood altering substances are concerned, legalization of the big 2 and the rest, is by far the lesser of 2 evils. Prohibition proved that. Alcohol use was risky, making it illegal made it dangerous.

No debate on this. Enormous money has been invested to brainwash the public who pay billions on a scam that enriches a few who will explain and undo the biggest crime of deception and destruction imaginable. Any who benefited from this will repay and explain or live with Natives of the rainforest.

Construction of solar power electrical systems will begin immediately. Oil exploration will cease and refineries will retool for hydrogen. Conversion of domestic vehicles and refill stations will be a priority for the oil industry workers and technicians made available by pure reason. Methane gas will be used with natural gas as it is natural and when let loose is THE top polluting byproduct of mammals.

Atomic power utilities are retired as are coalfired plants. Solar systems will equal need X 2. Enough hydrogen and wind backup as needs be. All power lines will be under ground in the country and city. This enormous project will be paid for with defence funds and built by defence contractors with the militarys help.

We possess the ultimate deterrent, all we need is the willingness to use it and every world power to know that.

Medical research is outfunded four to one by weapons research. No more. Enormous talent in the defence industry will be tasked with improving our products and manufacturing in the private sector.

Our military will be tasked with vital humanitarian and ecological projects around the world. War will profit noone
Our outlay for defence will benefit our space program and provide real and honest information as needed. No more war talk for nonsense. Our covert operatives could scout for baseball and soccer teams or recruit the best and brightest to help unite us. Assassination will cease.

Private armys currently permitted and employed by a dozen corporations will work with inner city street gangs and in tough neighborhoods where police are resented. Their task will be to gain respect and acceptance so social service persons can work face to face with clients where they live. They are the only people that can do this. Their training and selection process is as good as it gets. Law enforcement will learn from them.

Gene manipulation of food sources will stop. Testing in labs may continue after honest independent assessment.

Big budget for bio diversity and discovery

Whalers and killers of dolphins for tuna profit will be stopped and kept alive for now. This applies to polluters and defilers of nature for profit. Their profits will be spent on solutions and replenishment. Green peace and friends will identify and the navy will enforce at sea and the national guard or army on land.

EPA will fold and hundreds of labs will verify every claim epa has made.

Old Growth trees are protected. Any violation will be punished by greenies. Profiteers will pay for all damage and the budgets of guardian groups who will manage this resource as it will soon belong to the people who know it best. Lumber Corporations will only buy from local mills and handle distribution.

Fresh water in all forms above and below ground will be free for any indivuals personal needs. This right is absolute. Any attempt to interfere anywhere on earth will be remedied with force.

Noone will be left behind or exploited. We know what is right and just. Those of us who see reality and the enormity of greeds corruption are at risk for telling the truth. Be careful and courageous. Keep it simple and work the middle class.

If this reasoned approach doesn't show results, resort to no more violence than is used at their command against 3rd world people. Our system needs cleaning not destruction.

Bush and Chaney are criminals. Hundreds of billions were stolen from us and nothing is done except posturing. 9-11 and everything since is elaborate deception.

If reality escapes those with the duty to impeach this gang due to fear or greed they must know we will hold them accountable.
We have to scare them straight, they must fear us more than corporate power.

All I have to lose is my self respect if I do nothing, or my life, which is worth giving to this war against evil greed.