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Civil Resistance/Direct Action training

Come to a training Saturday March 22
12 - 4 pm at Augustana Lutheran Church
Interested in discussing CIVIL RESISTANCE?

Join us for a training about civil resistance and direct action.

WHEN: Saturday March 22, 12-4pm (bring a sack lunch)

WHERE: Augustana Lutheran Church (NE 15th Ave. at Knott Street)

For more information or to let us know that you plan to attend

call 503-740-8561 or email  rawc@ziplip.com

phone: phone: 503-740-8561

More Info, Please 17.Mar.2003 07:45

Den Mark

Please post more info, like who's sponsoring this, who's doing the training, what will be in the training. Thanks.

Additional information about the training 17.Mar.2003 10:17


Saturday's training is sponsored by the Radical Anti-War Committee. The training will cover many topics for planning effective actions including non-violent techniques of resistance, planning for the media, forming affinity groups, jail solidarity, legal support and the injustice system. Role plays and discussion are a parts of the training.

Even if an invasion of Iraq begins before Saturday, resistance must continue. Please plan to attend the training. The training is free, but voluntary donations will be requested to cover the use of the space and materials. There is a phone number and email address in the initial message if you have additional questions.