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Tuesday Morning: Radical Action against the War

This is a call to all those willing to put up perhaps one last act of civil disobedience before(?) the war starts.
There is very little time left to do much of anything. Something must be done soon! On Tuesday, March 18 at 8:45 AM, meet at Pioneer Square. By 9 AM we will leave to march to X and disrupt normal activities. ('X' denotes unnamed corporate or government building or street which the police will find out about when we get there).

Bring your sheilding in the style of the Ya Bastas (see  http://free.freespeech.org/yabasta/genoapictures.html) if you prefer to have some protection against the possibilty of police brutality.

We will be non-violent and intend to have some fun; if there is violence it will be from the police, but we should intend to protect ourselves against it and to remain disruptive to normal society as long as possible. When Mr. Bush agrees to the following demands (and begins acting on them), we will leave:

1) Stop threatening an unjust, illegal war; begin to pull out troops.

2) End the economic sanctions against the Iraq people.

3) Let the world take Saddam Hussein and other war criminals (including American) to the International Criminal Court (which must also be supported and recognized by the United States.)

4) Stop the illegal assistance to Israel, which has been secretly (or not so secretly) developing Nuclear weapons.

Also, you should probably bring:
a) Water, snacks, etc as we may be a while.
b) music/noise creating devices.
c) gas masks, bandanas, gogles, etc.

If we must go to jail for this, that is something people should be willing to do. Of course, if you feel you can't, we could always use supporters to stand with us until that last moment. By the way, we will contact the Black Cross to ask for medical help should it be required.
Who are you? 17.Mar.2003 09:06

a potential marcher

You say "we" -- Who is that?

Honestly, when it comes to anti-war stuff, I'd like to have a reasonable suspicion I'll be marching with people who have my back, and share a similar political space on the spectrum.

Also, will you have jail support? And post-action legal support???

we 17.Mar.2003 09:43

Peter mumu@sharky.dyndns.org

By "we" I mean anyone who is going to come along and do this because it may be our last chance to show the government how much we do not want this war. (And anyone who agrees with the ideas - obviously if you think the #1 demand should be "kill a bunch of iraqis" you shouldn't come along. ;) )

Regarding jail support / solidarity, I've found this ( http://www.actagainstwar.org/article.php?id=24) article about jail solidarity and think we should talk about that today online and/or tomorrow in person; I remember at the February civil disobedience someone passed out numbers to call for jail support but I don't have the number. If anyone does, please post it and/or any other ideas you have.

Btw, I'm a student at PCC in Beaverton. hth. email me if you have any private questions.

image 17.Mar.2003 09:51


Ideally we would have these plastic sheild things, but I don't know where to get them or how to make them. Shields could also be made with inner tubes, cardboard and lots of tape:  http://free.freespeech.org/yabasta/cancun1.jpg.

Jail and Legal Support 17.Mar.2003 16:23

that same potential marcher

Thanks, Peter, for the clarification. I'll add a little clarification, too, from my own experience:

- Jail support is, in general, not a 24/7/365 kind of phone number. Usually, it's a group of people (often including a "point person") that sits by a particular phone for a particular 24-hour period, waiting for calls from arrestees. [So, the old jail support number from a different action isn't likely to be good anymore.]
This group/person's incoming calls should be received on a touch-tone phone. Calls from jail in Portland can not be accepted on other phones (like rotary phones). Jail support should, to be most effective, have a different phone line to make outgoing calls, so as not to tie up the jail support number.
Jail support can help arrestees cover their bases ("Hey, can you call my boss to tell her I'm sick?"), get home from jail (for those 2am releases), and keep concerned non-arrestees abreast of developments ("They're being released sometime today."). That's a short version.

- Legal support should be in place for any action in which there is a likely (or even possible) chance of arrest. Most often, this means contacting lawyers (before the action) who'll do defense for free or cheap.

Thanks for your work. I'm posting this response 'cause I think these roles are crucial to the effectiveness of turnout and to the mental/emotional health of our movement. Folks will take big risks IF they feel supported.

(Also: Try to make it to the Civil Resistance training advertised here on indymedia this Saturday. It should give us all lots of tools for fighting the power!)

Black Cross is not a 911 number 18.Mar.2003 00:51

Not a medic

Much as we would like to attend every good protest, demonstration, rally, general strike and complete transformation of the existing political system, members of Black Cross Health Collective are not on 24 hour call.

That means that we might not be able to attend events that we learn about the day before. If there are members at this Tuesday morning event it is a matter of luck, not foresight or coordination. Our members have to deal with children, illness, jobs and travel; as well as planning for the outbreak of war and the resulting protests.

This does not mean that we don't wish success to your efforts. We welcome any action that will hinder or stop the U.S. government's drive towards a war against the people of Iraq.

But, this war has been coming for over a year. We have to ask those of you who are organizing last-minute efforts: What will you be doing a week from now? A month from now? Five years from now?

Black Cross Health Collective will continue to train first aid crews/medics for rallies, protests and police riots as we have been doing in Portland and on this continent for the last three years. We will continue to work with other health/first aid collectives to attempt to provide care for this community. We will train affinity groups, organizations or individuals to the best of our abilities so that we can sustain global organizing and resistance for years to come.

But you have to talk with us first. We're not that hard to find.

Please do not invoke our name unless you have our permission.

Fight The Power. Do No Harm.