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When the Bombs Drop, Portland Stops: Events announced for Day of Iraq Attack

the fascists in power aren't listening to the people of the world and seem set on attacking Iraq any day now. here's a summary of the announced events in portland for that day so far.
Following a tradition from the first Gulf War, activists have been spreading the word for months and months now that people should meet at Terry Schrunk Plaza, 3rd & Madison in downtown Portland, the day bombing/an invasion begins. If the attack comes after 4:00 p.m., then the event will happen the next day.

Flyers are circulating around town announcing a march to start from the plaza at 5:00 p.m. What will happen during this unpermitted march? The flyer says: "We will stop 'business as usual' by blockading key intersections. There will be space for everyone to express themselves. Be prepared for weather and unpredictable police. For all of our safety, please be prepared to participate at your comfort level, and be respectful of others' tactics. There will be childcare, medical and legal support available. For more info call 877.572.5727 or email shutitdown@ureach.com."

The plan is to leave classes at 2:00, meet in places listed below at each school, and then march or transport some other way to the rally at 4:00. If announcement comes after 2:00 or on the weekend, the strike will be the next day. There is gonna be a ton of students out there. [ Details for six area schools ]

An anti-war CM is planned for the day the bombing starts. Come to the North park Blocks around 5pm on the day the bombing starts, bring a bike and a voice. And some anti-war charm. Hopefully this will coincide with people shutting down all government buildings and at least a few bridge closures. I liked hearing state of emergency the other day. Call to action, dont let Portland slide into this war without resistance, picket and stand strong shut down major thruways (make the connection already between war for oil and cars...)--like bridges. And major corporations around portland. [ Newswire post ]


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[ 8 1/2 x 11 PDF ]

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[ 8 1/2 x 11 PDF ]
Don't Buy the US War 17.Mar.2003 11:44


Don't buy the U$ War....

Millions of people have marched in the streets of the world to show their moral and intellectual contempt for the intentions of the United States to wage war against the nation of Iraq. Although these marches have been impressive to watch, they unfortunately will not be effective at preventing the execution of America's war plans.

Something else is needed. What can we the people, do to control the aggressive actions of America? What is the Achilles heel of our government? The answer is clear. Every bomb, every bullet, every soldier that is used to wage war is paid for with tax dollars. The government is a junkie of sorts, and their drug of choice is money.

Its our choice. Collectively, we have the economic power to stop this war, if we act now. We need to take immediate steps which are legal and moral to restrict the supply of our money that goes to the government. How? First, all of us who are outraged at what is about to happen must accept some level of sacrifice to achieve our goal.

Temporarily, stop buying Cigarettes and Alcohol. The amount of "sin" tax collected on these products is almost obscene. We must make a choice. Are our addictions more important, or is stopping this wargasm the right choice? Priests, basketball players, couch potatoes, soccer moms, and rocket scientists can all do this together. We the people, can all make this temporary sacrifice together.

Don't buy lottery tickets. Can you go for a while without losing money in the lottery? This is a cash pipeline that goes straight to the government. The States will scream like pigs if this cash cow is disrupted. They will ask the Federal Government for more bailout money and demand that something be done to stop our lottery boycott. This is a boycott against murder. War will not make the world a more peaceful place.

Don't fly anywhere. The airline industry is the most vulnerable industry in America today. Several airlines are in bankruptcy proceedings now, and a few more are not far behind. The government has both given them money, and provided loan guarantees amounting to billions of dollars. They can't let this industry collapse as it is essential to America as we now know it. Recently, just a couple of days of closed airports due to snow in the Northeast were enough to severely impact the weakened airlines. If we further reduce the airlines revenues as much as possible, it will cost the government billions of dollars more. If we can demonstrate our discipline not to fly, the shrewd Wall Street investors will also pressure the government to do something. Cancel the war. That's the answer. Then, we will start flying again.

The gasoline situation. Gasoline generates huge amounts of tax, that our government can use to explode bombs, shoot bullets and launch missiles with. We can't stop driving very easily, however we can set a realistic goal of a twenty-five percent reduction in our driving without giving up our lifestyle completely. This would be significant. Again, the government's flow of tax money would be immediately choked. The amount of gasoline being made is almost exactly what is consumed. There is a very efficient pipeline of supply, however it doesn't have the ability to store large amounts that are not purchased. In fact, there is basically nowhere to store it all, if we greatly reduce consumption immediately. We can further cause a glut by only buying a half tank of gasoline and not storing all that gas in our cars. One of the additional benefits of this reduced gasoline consumption plan would be the likely immediate crash in the price of gasoline to attempt to stimulate sales again. Toward this end, we should also not buy candy or other snacks or drinks at gas stations while we are reducing our patronage of oil companies. Buy your food at markets.

We are not helpless. Actually, we are in control, but we rarely exercise our power. All of those elected officials in Washington are our employees. We are their employer and boss. Usually, we just let them work without our guidance. Now is certainly the time, that we must be the managers that we are. We need to spend far less time fearing them, and more time controlling them. We are held responsible for the actions of our dogs. Why shouldn't we be responsible for our elected officials? Please make the above sacrifices and take control of our country. Stop the war now!

How do we get the word out? You are looking at the tool of the people. If you are online right now, you are in a powerful position. I'm sending this eMail to at least ten people who I know are like-minded with myself, and will give this plan their best effort. If each person who receives this will send it to at least their ten most likely friends and associates who will also give it their best effort, after only six generations after my initial eMail, we will have reached 10,000,000 (ten-million) people. If each group will attempt to send it on within an hour or two, we will make a large and unforgetable impact upon the cash-dependant war machine in our nation almost immediately. We the people will have spoken loud and clear. And, we will end up having saved some money in our own pockets, that we would have spent on cigarettes, booze, airline tickets, lottery tickets, and gasoline.

Marc Madow March 12, 2003