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There will be a meeting to discuss various tactics at rallies. This will be an open meeting, But we will do our best to kept it safe. We feel it is necessary to have a space for folks to talk out they're differences face to face. The objective will be to reach some form of common ground and strenthen the movement
We feel that discussing tactics on this site is to no avail. We feel the worshipers of capitalist greed are scared of us and are striking wildly. This site is and has been infiltrated. We don't blame any one organization but we feel that the insensitivity is out of controll. You can read an article for information but the discussion aspect of it is filled with counterproductive poison.The hate is out of controll and we feel that maybe away from an emotionless box folks won't spew the meaness so much. We wish to provide a safe space for people to discuss tactics and learn from on another. It is an effort made in the hopes of bringing us together, to help overcome our differences and unite against the common ground of stopping this WAR. The meeting will be on friday the 21st at 7 pm at laughing horse books 503-236-2893 call for details or if you want to help out
jeez 17.Mar.2003 17:38


just want to see if this works eh, i've tried three posts with no luck hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Also this meeting is a great idea

Tactics 19.Mar.2003 10:02


A suggestion regarding the meeting to discuss tactics....

Tactics are a means to an end. They are not an end in themselves. They are actions which cause reactions. Before any discussion of tactics takes place, it might be helpful to discuss goals and objectives. If we don't know what - specifically - we are trying to accomplish, how can we be strategic in choosing effective tactics.

There are obvious, overarching goals like: stop the war. But we need to recognize that there is not one thing we can do here in Portland that can stop the war. Better to look at more specific, attainable golas that we may be able to accomplish. These are our stepping stones toward ending war. But they need to be made clear so we can choose effective tactics.

Example objectives:
- show the public, the government, the media, and people in other countries that there is a strong anti-war sebntiment in America.
- make it difficult for the federal government to conduct business-as-usual as long as the war continues (the protest target here is the federal government).
- make it difficult for military contractors to conduct business (the protest target here is businesses who are direct war profiteers).
- reveal corporate media bias/slant.

Tactics that point to clear, attainable, reasonable objectives are preferable to those that simply serve to express anger/frustration. It has been suggested that we should "shut down the business district of Portland". This will accomplish nothing toward ending the war. It will piss off potential peace supporters. It will simply make average citizens lose money and be inconvenienced. The observing public will simply think, "stupid protestors." In short, it's a bad tactic because it will harm, not help, the peace effort.
Boycotts or blockades of businesses that profit from war can be effective, but ONLY if the war profiteering is made clear to the public.

Tactics that focus on protestors-vs-cops tend to become stories about just that. The real issue of citizens opposing war is lost. So any civil disobedience should keep the emphasis on the war and the warmakers and not the police.