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Power To The Future! Report back

Power To The Future! ACA Community Childcare Report Back
Just a short note to say that Portland Anti Capitalist Action provided childcare as an option last saturday during the protest. Six kids attended and a great time was had. Games, Movies (The Lorax!) and a chance for kids to speak out against the war. The kids painted a banner of their own and paraded around the block chanting 'No Way! No War!'.

Power To The Future!

If you are interested in having us organize childcare for events please e-mail us at least two weeks ahead of time. We will be providing childcare for the upcoming April 19th Little Beirut benefit at Liberty Hall. Watch for flyers.

Also, side note the secone full newsprint issue of Little Beirut is out, check around town for it!

Love and Revolution- Portland Anti Capitalist Action
My kids had a blast 17.Mar.2003 11:11


Our two girls had a great time with you folks on Saturday! I want to give a huge thank you to you all for organizing this much needed resource. Peace- Bethany and Spring

childcare 17.Mar.2003 23:28

Firemaker firemaker@end-war.com

I'm wondering if anyone knows of childcare options that exist on a regular basis, not just for protests/actions, that work on a co-operative style or other non-capitalist format.

It may take a village to raise a child, but Mom is usually paying the villagers...