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Vancouver WA Vigils

Vancouver held two Peace vigils this weekend, drawing 330 people total.
Friday, Vancouver For Peace sponsored a Peace Vigil in the bandstand of downtown's Esther Short Park. About 130 attended. We had music & speeches & lights.

Today, Sunday, as part of the "rolling" world-wide effort called by Anglican Archbishop Tutu & others, we held another Peace Vigil, in the same Park, with around 200 people, silently facing SE & the clock tower & the fountain & the moon, our lights toward the sky.

The only sounds were wind, water in the fountain, an occasional whisper, or an innocent child's laughter. The peace was intoxicating, beautiful, yet so sad. Several pictures of our sister Rachel were held by people. As i walked slowly around the crowd, i looked into people's faces & saw somberness which made me sad, but also angry.

We must take history away from the elite rich powerful amoral tyrants who rule this world & cause so much despair. They have no right to do this. For all the Rachels & Sparrows & Zdeneks & countless unknown others, we must take history as our own, so that the sound of innocent children's laughter may prevail, everywhere.

Peace, sisters & brothers. And courage!