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Why are all the protestors White Liberals?

where are all the blacks, etc?

these protest photos don't look like america...
where are all of the black protestors?

All I see is white affluent liberals..
Jeez!! 16.Mar.2003 23:05


No wonder the CIA can't do anything right with 100% blind lamers employed.

Where have all the ethnics gone? 16.Mar.2003 23:29

The Redcoat

Let's see
the blacks and Hispanics are afraid of the police
the liberals barely
have enough money to get themselves heard
and the right wing has most of everything

Any questions

hmm 16.Mar.2003 23:37


3 black people and 1 asian in a group of a few thousand. I've seen better race representation at a GOP fund-raiser.

I hope you were not trying to prove a point with that picture...

Nice Try, Troll 17.Mar.2003 03:26

Ed Harley

Pardon me, but aren't you right-wing Nazis supposed to be against racial quotas? I guess no argument is too weak or absurd to attempt to discredit the global majority who oppose your chickenhawk oil war.

Put your money where your mouth is, and head for the war, rifle in hand... or do you prefer the comfy style of your (drunk, AWOL, draft-dodging) fearless leader, King of the Chickenhawks George W Bush? It's so much easier to warmonger from a computer in the good 'ol US of A, isn't it?

a response from a black author 17.Mar.2003 07:01

jest thinkin'

I just heard a very interesting interview (on NPR) with a black author named Mosely. He's just finished a book on this exact question. Mosely did a great job of fending off an aggressively pro-war interviewer, who asked things like "What about 911?", in terms of attacking Iraq. Mosely's responses were clear and he kept his calm against the usual stupidity.

He made a couple points that stuck in my mind. First of all, he suggested that blacks have such a history of political powerlessness that they are somewhat conditioned to stay out of mainstream political debates. He also reminded the interviewer that, while so many white people say the 911 attacks showed them terrorism for the first time, blacks in this country have experienced terrorism, in the form of thousands of lynchings in the 20th century, and so are less shocked by and more resigned to, current events. It's a good interview you can probably get on the NPR website, if you are actually interested in this issue.

Mosely's book, apparently, offers ways and reasons for blacks to get involved in working against this war, this administration, and its designs of empire abroad and dictatorship at home.

Idiot 17.Mar.2003 09:24


asf; Again you troll this site in a lame attempt to discredit valid protests. Regarding black involvement in antiwar demonstrations, their lack of presence is not new. It was not much different during Vietnam. Ask most African Americans and you will feel the justified cynicism they express about participatory democracy. It's a joke. That does not diminish the importance for everyone else. However, there was a significant black involvement in radical politics in the 60's known as the Black Panthers.

We're in the Northwest dumbass 17.Mar.2003 09:35


Of course there is going to be a smaller turnout of ethnic minorities, we live in the northwest. It is good that us whities are coming out and speaking out against the man. It lets the world know that not all people that have the same color skin as our "leaders" are racist war mongers.

so white liberals to the rescue of blacks? 17.Mar.2003 09:36


once again the white liberals take the unsolicited task, and blame blacks for being too synical to do there own protesting.

stick to saving adled lab rats, at least they can't complain about your tactics and motives.

Why ask those who showed? 17.Mar.2003 11:34

sherry singsing7_99@yahoo.com

Why not ask the black community - why they didn't show up? My X-mother in-law is black - lives in NE Portland - and her and her close family seem to be caught up in their own world - to be aware or even concerned with anything outside of their realm. Not passing judgement - just seems to be the way it is.

wrong bait 17.Mar.2003 11:37


asf; you couldn't be further from the truth - never been a white liberal, always independent. I am also not purporting to speak for, defend or excuse anyone else. I have however, fought with, worked with and lived with black people. My opinions are based on real experiences, which are significant, and I believe pretty valid.